The Dreamtime Blooms Collection

The Dreamtime Blooms Collection

Koh Living’s collaboration with celebrated Aboriginal artists has culminated in the unveiling of the Dreamtime Blooms collection, a remarkable ensemble of art-inspired gifts that marries the essence of nature with deep cultural narratives. This collection is a profound homage to the cherished flora of Australia, portrayed through the eyes and hearts of Aboriginal female artists.

Whilst a limited collection Dreamtime Blooms is piece is a vibrant testament to tradition, nature’s splendour, and the artists’ connection to their country.

Wildflowers by Pammy Foster

Pammy Foster brings the bush into vivid life with her piece, “Wildflowers.” It’s an abstract exploration of her homeland around Karlu Karlu, painted with a palette of experiences and memories. Winter transforms the landscape into a sea of yellow, with swamps and the earth blooming into a canvas of natural beauty. Pammy’s art captures this transformation, not just visually but through the essence of the landscape’s rhythm, marked by repeated motifs that invite the viewer into a dance of colours and shapes.

She says:

“When you go out bush. This is my country, around Karlu Karlu. During winter, yellow flowers everywhere. Swamps.”

Banksia by Domica Hill

Domica Hill’s Banksia is more than just a portrayal of a flower; it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. The banksia flower reaches out, yearning for the warmth of the sunlight, a metaphor for life’s perpetual cycle of renewal and growth. As a Pakana woman, Domica infuses her contemporary art with traditional symbolism, bridging the past and the present in a vivid explosion of colour and pattern.

Her art is driven by personal loss and a deep connection to her ancestors. The loss of her daughter, Briar Primrose, inspires a passion for native flora and fauna, transforming grief into a celebration of life and heritage. Domica’s work captivates with its blend of modern aesthetics and homage to tradition, each piece a testament to the enduring spirit of her people and their unbreakable bond with the land.

Medicine Flowers by Gladys Lewis

Gladys Lewis’s contribution, “Medicine Flowers,” speaks to the omnipresence and significance of bush flowers in Aboriginal Australians’ daily life and culture. “We see them all the time,” she remarks a simple statement that underscores the deep connection Aboriginal people have with their environment. These aren’t just flowers; they’re a part of the landscape’s fabric, integral to the cultural, medicinal, and spiritual practices that have sustained Aboriginal communities for millennia.

She says:

“Bush Flowers around the bush. We see them all the time.”

Lewis’s work is a window into this world, where every flower tells a story, every colour a note in the song of the earth.

The Essence of Dreamtime Blooms

The Dreamtime Blooms collection by Koh Living is a journey through the heart of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, guided by the hands and spirits of Aboriginal female artists. Each piece in the collection is a dialogue between the artist, the viewer, and the land itself, inviting us to see beyond the physical and into the deep, interconnected web of life that sustains and enriches us all.

Through “Wildflowers,” Banksia,” and “Medicine Flowers,” we’re offered a glimpse into the soul of Australia, seen through the eyes of those who have walked its paths and told its stories for generations. Dreamtime Blooms is a celebration of this connection, a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, and an invitation to explore the profound narratives woven into the fabric of the land.