the joy of giving

The Joy of Giving

Will a sense of belonging be a cure for depression?

Whether we’re online or offline, there is something quite special about buying things beyond those essentials required to keep us alive. Should we dismiss retail therapy as a modern malaise linked to comfort eating and sadness? Current research suggests no, with one study showing how shopping was up to 40 times more effective at helping people regain a sense of control over their lives and were three times less sad than those who merely browsed.


But here at Koh Living we believe the real joy is in taking the time to carefully select a particular present for a special person. In particular the 'thinking time' behind purchasing a gift that is meaningful to the receiver. It activates the pleasure centre of our brain, the nucleus accumbens, and we experience a higher level of happiness by the giving of a gift than when we receive a gift ourselves. While deciding between buying Uncle Wilfred socks or a tin of his favourite biscuits for Christmas might not make us hugely happy, buying a gift you feel certain will have a special meaning will make two people feel very connected. That process of giving and receiving something meaningful to the receiver makes them feel like you know them and in turns makes you feel quite chuffed that you nailed it. The outcome is a feeling of belonging. Essentially it is this feeling of belonging that makes us happy, and it is the reason why so many people today feel isolated, and depressed. Buying something that allows us to do, or experience over the longer term, increases happiness and enhances well-being. Shared experiences create memories, stories and most importantly authentic connection and this is exactly why we are in the gifting business! And this is why at Koh Living we try to re-create people's experiences on our giftware and they will have this meaningful experience on a product to remind them forever.

So whether your loved one loves to experience Australian Wildflowers, a trip to Paris or a ride through the Australian desert, we have it covered. Koh X