The Value of Koh Living Membership

The Value of Koh Living Membership

Are you getting the most out of your membership?

Every time you take an action at Koh Living we reward you, and we wanted to take this opportunity to ensure all the different ways to collect points is clear - for example the first 175 points in your account are gifted just for signing up!

Every $1 you spend with us will accrue 5 points, and points balances can be easily boosted by 70 points a time just for following us on our social pages; Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest (280 points in total!)

Every time you share a post on Facebook it's another 70 points, every review left another 175 points and a massive 700 points to celebrate your birthday.

The fun part is spending the points and the choice of accessing free shipping or spending $25, $50 and $75 gift vouchers is yours!  Simply select your offer in your account each time you have collected sufficient points.  

Sign in to review your account here  or access further details through our membership  page on the website 

We are committed to providing a rewarding membership program with exciting benefits. We are currently undertaking a review of our membership program and would warmly invite your feedback.  If you would be willing to take part in our survey (with rewards of course!) or have some feedback you would love to share to help us create a first-class membership program please get in touch:

Tui & Nyree