Top Tips On Some Of The Best Australian Wildflowers To Grow In Your Backyard

Top Tips On Some Of The Best Australian Wildflowers To Grow In Your Backyard

Australia has an amazing selection of backyard plants, many of which require little maintenance. We have selected 6 of our favourite Australian Wildflowers which you may like to try out in your own garden.


1. Sturt´s Desert Pea

  • Though somewhat difficult to grow in the backyard, patience is rewarded. This blood-faced annual sprouts easily from seed will do well in open, well-drained soil - preferably 9 parts pine bark to 1 part sand. Bottom watering, rather than watering from the top, will help prevent root rot, which can be an issue. A good fertiliser will lead to rapid growth.

2. Spotted Emu Bush

  • A drought resistant, sun-loving native plant that requires very little attention. The spotted emu bush is great for people who have little time on their hands. It grows well in most parts of Australia except Darwin and the east coast of Queensland.

3. Kangaroo Paw

  • A very satisfying plant to grow either in pots or the garden, depending on the variety. With a well drained soil and full sun, the flowering period will be extended from end of winter into summer, but it will need extra watering. Kangaroo paws prefers temperate climates.

4. Waratah
  • The quintessential Australian native plant, Waratahs grow well in home gardens but require a sheltered position both from wind and too much sun. It loves a good friable soil that is well aerated at least down to 45 cm. Do not allow the soil to dry out and avoid over-watering as well.

5. South Wales Christmas Bush

  • Despite its name, the Christmas bush will grow anywhere along the east coast of Australia. But, beware. It can grow up to 4 metres. Sandy soil with good drainage and a sunny or partially shaded position with wind protection will ensure good growth.

6. Happy Wanderer

  • A vigorous growing climber, suitable for covering walls, doors or fences. Although it can grow in semi-shaded spots, to get the most from the blooms, full sun is preferable. Loves a well-drained soil. Its good to prune them when flowering ends in spring to have healthy growth and better blooms in the next season.
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