A Guide to the perfect Sentimental Gift

A Guide to the perfect Sentimental Gift

Sentimental gifts are something that will prompt emotion or nostalgia

Sentimental gifts are something that will prompt emotion or nostalgia. A sentimental gift has a deeper meaning than an item whose use is simply to look nice or be useful. But don’t be mistaken, sentimental gifts can in fact do all these things too. This might come naturally to you, or it may be hard for you to think of gift ideas that will be meaningful. Either way, this gifting guide will help you choose the perfect sentimental gift for your loved one.


The instinctual gift-giver

First you must figure out which type of gift-giver you are. The first type is the instinctual: You trust your gut and will often times go shopping with no prior planning and just let the perfect gift jump out at you. You have no idea what it is, but when you see it, you’ll just know. When you find a gift you often won’t spend much time thinking it over but dive right in and buy it. You have confidence that you know the person and what they will love, and you shop accordingly! However sometimes this means that you will wander aimlessly and maybe never find anything that’s quite right. Meaning you run out of time and end up just getting something you’re not 100% happy with. Ringing any bells?

The planning gift-giver

Perhaps you’re the second type, the pre-planner: Will often spend time beforehand planning exactly what it is you might get them and where you need to go to find it. You might look at a LOT of online reviews of products. Your aim is to spend as little time in the shop as possible, you are on a mission! However maybe you find it hard to think of gift ideas that have sentimental meaning, resulting in your always defaulting to the ‘practical’ gift option.

A balanced approach to gift-giving is the way to go

Both of these gift-giving types have strengths and weaknesses. The truth is, we need a balance of both approaches to find the perfect sentimental gift. Yes, we should reflect on the person we are giving the gift to. Spend a little time thinking about the times you’ve spent together. The sharing of big news at a particular restaurant, a trip you took together, their favourite colour, flower, or cocktail! A little reflection is necessary ingredient for coming up with show-stopping gift ideas. However overthinking and rigid planning is not. Be careful not to box yourself in to one idea. When you have your ‘gift-giving-blinkers’ on you could miss the perfect gift. Be willing to go with the flow. Visit their favourite shops and see what stands out to you, after all you know them well and you know what they will love. Trust yourself.

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