Styling with Candle Holders and Stands

Styling with Candle Holders and Stands

Styling with Candle Holders and Stands


If you are anything like me, you probably have a candle and candle holder collection that rivals the Sistine Chapel. I am a firm believer in filling a home with colours and fragrances that bring joy! But how do we bring focus to a particular piece we adore. For example one of our 11cm glass Tealight Candle Holders is the Aphelia design.  A stand is a fantastic way to make the candle holder stand out. But we need to make sure we have the right stand for the job. Here’s how to nail styling stands in your home as if you were Marie Kondo herself.


Who’s the star?

Firstly we need to really think about what it is we want to display. There is nothing worse than having your candle holder teetering precariously on a stand that is that little bit too small. The other candle stand conundrum we want to avoid is having a stand that is eons too big for what you want to display. After all we want to see and celebrate the candle holder not the stand! To make all your interior styling efforts an absolute breeze, we make all our stands to the exact dimensions of each of our candle holder sizes. Happy days! Marie Kondo…we are coming for you.

What is the space like?

This would have to be one of the most important considerations when styling anything. The stand must suit the space. For example if you are displaying candle holders on a dining table, you don’t want something too high that will obstruct your view of the people across table. A low lying stand would suit this space such as the Long 3 tier Iron stand. When you are working with a space that has more height, such as a side or corner table, this is when we can get some lovely height and stagger our candle holders by using both a Short iron stand and Tall iron stand together. This gives a beautiful cascading effect. A windowsill or narrow ledge might love to be adorned with a smaller stand such as the 3 tier iron. This is suited to our smaller 5cm candle holders and takes up next to no space!


Quality materials count

It is so important to make sure your stand is sturdy and will not break or become scratched over time. Our stands are all made from iron which is very strong and durable. It is also not prone to scratches like some other metals. Iron is heat resistant too so your candles can burn away making your home smell like heaven whilst you relax without care in the world. And you know why you’re so relaxed? Because you have a Koh Living candle stand, so you can be sure there will be no fire brigade drop ins at your house. Unlike that blackened remnant of a frozen pizza you forgot about in the oven, our candle holders and candle stands will burn away happily whilst you catch up on the last season of Outlander. Wonderful.


Our stands

  • Curly- art deco $19.95

  • Tall/ short – minimalist ($9.95 / $14.95) 


Purpose matters


Candles and candle holders can be used for so many different reasons. It is important to consider the purpose of their use when you are styling with them. Is this to be a romantic evening? Is this for a dinner party? Are you a regular user and prefer to not use lighting? Is it for a meditation space?

If you were to have it for a dinner party then you would consider safety, perhaps getting one of the lower iron stands so people do not knock the candles over and even using battery operated tealights in the holders rather than normal tealights that could be knocked over. Getting wax all over your furnishings and risking a fire might not be part of your purpose for a dinner party.

If you are anything like me, then you might prefer some real tealights to put into your candle holders, scented tealights even better! This might be ideal if you are using your candle holders for a romantic dinner for two! Whatever the case, think clearly about the purpose behind your use of the candle holders and that will help you decide on how to style them.


Don’t overthink it


Women have the strongest intuition for all matters, especially when it comes to styling your home. Women are great at choosing the right colours, knowing where to place objects and furnishings, moods to create, practicalities, etc. I am pretty good at overthinking most things, but not when it comes to styling. I tend to go into a room and do what ‘feels right’. It is especially beneficial to do this when you have some time, and you are not rushing around doing a million things at once!

If your gut is telling you that the stand is not suitable for the child who could potentially reach it, then move or choose a different candle stand. If you know this room is mostly used for you and your partner, then keep that in mind when deciding you using your candle holders and candle stands for that purpose. If you are merely using the candle stands and candle holders for décor and not for use, then you might place them somewhere where you wouldn’t normally light a candle. Take a deep breath, walk into the room, and feel your way through this exercise!