Why tea light candle holders make the perfect gift

Why tea light candle holders make the perfect gift

Looking for the perfect gift? Let me tell you why gifting them a candleholder can mean so much more than just a pretty ornament!

The symbolism of candles

Candles have been deeply rooted in almost all religious and spiritual practises for centuries. In a lot of these practises, the glow of a candle is said to symbolize hope. This is one of the candles modalities of symbolism, but there are so many more!

Have you ever sat around a campfire with friends and family and all been lulled into a comfortable and contented silence as you watched the flames flicker and glow? This is the power of a flame. It is truly mesmerizing. The dancing flames bring us back to our humanness.

Long before there was electricity and screens to distract and entertain, it was the warmth and safety of fire that connected us. Perhaps this is why we feel so calm when we light a candle in our home. Some of my fondest memories are of birthdays surrounded by loved ones and blowing out the candles atop the cake. Birthday candles are used to celebrate to passing of another year of life. We use candles to symbolize passion and romance too. So you see candles are a many faceted and powerful symbol in all of our lives.

A candle, when gifted to a loved one, can be far more meaningful than just a pretty ornament to sit on their coffee table. For example, one might gift a candle to a loved one who has been through a particularly hard time, to symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel.

One could gift a candle to their partner to communicate feelings of love and passion. Even to a close friend on their birthday to celebrate another spectacular year of life! Candles, and candleholders alike are fantastic gifts and can communicate a variety of messages when chosen correctly. Here are some tips on what to consider when deciding on the right gift.

Candleholders that have meaning can make the gift even more special


Do not discount the vessel for the candle! Gifting a plain candle on it’s own, though the intention might be thoughtful, does run the risk of coming off as impersonal. What you put your candle in truly does make all the difference. Our glass Tea Light Candle Holders come in a range of art-inspired designs, featuring works from Australian artists such as Anna Blatman and Kathleen Buzzacott. The designs come to life when a candle is placed inside, making them glow from within.

You might choose a Candle Holder that features a particular Australian Wildflower, because your loved one is a passionate gardener or a nature lover. Maybe you would choose a design featuring lots of blue hues, such as the new Aphelia design, because that is their favourite colour and you know it will bring them joy. You might even decide on a design of a European cityscape that you have visited together or dream of visiting one day. There are so many stunning designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will show you’ve put a lot of thought into their gift.


Not all candles and candleholders are made equal


It is sad but true. These days we see a lot of low quality candles and candle holders on the market. However all of our Tealight Candle Holders are made from glass and use polymer clay to create the colourful designs. They are heat proof and are well suited to hold either our Local Tealight Candles or Local Spa Candles all hand-made on the Mornington Peninsula. Whilst we are on the topic of candles, heed my warning, as a candle expert and enthusiast, be sure to avoid the el cheapo $2 shop tea lights! Whilst these may seem like a cost effective option, these candles are often dull as a Melbourne winter’s day! They will not last long because of the low quality of wax. The burning of such low-grade wax is not great for inhalation either! And I don’t know about you, but those synthetic nasty fragrances give me an instant headache.

Thank goodness for our locally made candles, which are all made from 100% soy wax and contain no yucky chemicals or synthetic fragrance. Our candles are all scented with essential oils and naturally derived fragrance. You can tell they are high quality because the burn-time for our tea lights is 5-6hrs! They will have a home smelling like heaven in no time!

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool in making the perfect gift


So you have a candle holder in mind, you are going to choose a gorgeous locally made soy candle from Koh Living to pop inside the candleholder and complete the gift, but what fragrance do you choose!? The age old question that stumps a lot of people. I don’t blame you! After all, fragrance is such a personal taste. Whenever I am helping a customer decide on fragrance, my advice is always to circle back to the original sentiment behind the gift. What is the message you are trying to communicate to your loved one? Is it a message of love? Hope? Joy?

Aromatherapy examines scents and essential oils and how they affect our mood and health. Citrusy fresh scents are traditionally uplifting and energizing, think sweet lemongrass, orange and coriander and lemon myrtle! Typically scents such as lavender, sandalwood and amber are calming and grounding. Sweeter scents such as French Pear or Salted Caramel can bring brightness to a space and make them more inviting. So think about the meaning at the core of your gift and perhaps think about the recipient and what they might need in their life and that will help you decide on the perfect fragrance for your candle.

Bringing all the pieces together to make the perfect gift


Now you have the beautiful candleholder and the candle to go with it. Now you can sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest. If you are shopping online simply select the ‘gift wrap’ option at the checkout and we will lovingly gift-wrap your items for free. Leave us any special message you would like in the ‘order comments’ and we will write it out on a card to send alongside your gift.

It is these extra thoughtful touches that we think make receiving a Koh living gift even more special. And don’t worry, although our candleholders are fragile, they come in a sturdy (yet beautifully designed) gift box, along with oodles of eco-friendly packaging filler to ensure your gift arrives safe and sound! Imagine how wonderful your loved one will feel when this beautiful, delicious smelling surprise package arrives on their doorstep!


So shop our Tealight Candle Holders and Locally Made Candles and find the perfect gift!