Koh Living’s Guide to Kitchen Design

Koh Living’s Guide to Kitchen Design

The kitchen can be a tricky space in your home to style. Usually we see a lot of sleek grey stainless steel appliances or white, white and more white…! How do we bring some life and colour into our kitchen space without making it look cluttered? After all, the kitchen is such an important communal area in your home, it is where family connects.  Whether it is over a home-cooked meal, a quiet cup of tea or the frantic morning school rush. We probably spend the most amount of time in our kitchens, so why shouldn’t we fill it with pieces that bring us joy every time we look at them? Here is how to bring life back to your kitchen…and don’t worry, I am not going to tell you that you need a brand new splash back with handmade tiles flown in from Morocco, made from solid gold that cost more than your whole house…definitely not. Our guide to kitchen design is both easy and affordable! Tell me more I hear you say? Gladly.

Art-inspired Tea Towels are a must

Tea towels are a fantastic way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Usually tea towels are on full display, so why not make the most of this and have them double as a piece of art? Our 100% Organic Cotton Tea Towels are not only practical (i.e. they actually absorb the water, not just move it from side to side) but they are beautiful to look at too!

Consider the following examples, if your kitchen or home features deeper earthy tones, perhaps a vibrant Aboriginal art tea towel by Kathleen Buzzacott would be the perfect choice. Our ‘Dreamtime’ range of tea towels, designed by Kathleen will help you to bring bold, eye-catching pops of colour to your kitchen! Whether it is the deep blue of a desert waterhole or the warm red of an outback sunset, they are sure to make a statement. You are also supporting Indigenous Aussie artists at the same time, which makes them an even more special addition to your kitchen.

Trivets aren’t just a for hot plates!

A beautiful ceramic trivet, perhaps from our Australian Wildflower range, can be a wonderfully versatile piece in your kitchen. Step away from the idea that they are only to place hot plates on! Trivets are very versatile, and beautiful when used with art. Try propping it up against your splashback or on a recipe book stand, to really display the art. Perhaps you could use it to place a vase of flowers on, or even use it as a safe spot to pop your rings whilst you cook. There are so many ways to use trivets in the kitchen, and when they have such gorgeous designs like ours do, your kitchen will be looking like a page out of Real Living Magazine! And yes, despite how gorgeous and delicate looking they are, these babies will withstand a hot pan or plate, and they will not slip or mark a surface thanks to their cork bottoms. Win!

Aim for continuity of style with matching coasters

A great styling tip is to have continuity in the colours or patterns you choose to have throughout your kitchen. A matching trivet and coaster set will give your kitchen a beautiful sense of flow, add in a matching tea towel and we are in business! However you might have a more eclectic style like me and just want all the hues and patterns that catch your eye, all together in a big happy mess of colour. That’s fine too!

Why not choose a selection of contrasting coasters that make a real statement. Choose between the joyful Aussie animal designs by Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman, Aboriginal artworks or Aussie wildflowers! Matchy matchy or a beautiful jumbled collection, whatever your style, you can show it in how you style your kitchen, and coasters can be a great place to start.

The cleansing of the mug collection

Yes we all are guilty of it, hoarding mugs that have been collected over the years and letting them pile up over time. Most of them probably have un-movable coffee stains or chips. You might even still be holding onto that mug with a picture of a cat on it.  You hate cats, but just because your Mother in law got it got for you one Christmas, and you truly believe she has a 6th sense and will know if you ever throw away her unwanted gifts, you had to keep it. Let this be your sign, it is time to cleanse the mug collection. Look at each stained, gross, old mug and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is no, then thank it for its service and put it in the box to go to the Op Shop.

Well done, the first step is the hardest. Now the fun begins! You get to choose a new set from our range of gorgeous art-inspired mugs, which will be with you for many years to come. Years filled with catch ups over a cup of tea with a loved one. There are so many gorgeous mugs to choose from, but my suggestion is that your first instinct is the one to trust. What jumps out at you straight away?

Perhaps the delicate floral designs of the mugs in our Australian Wildflower range are your style? Or maybe the vibrant colourful mugs designed by Aboriginal artist, Kathleen Buzzacott? There are so many to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect set. Not only will they bring you joy every time you look at them, but they are sure to wow guests too! Made from high quality fine bone china, they are not only beautiful to look at, but a delight to drink from too.

So go forth! Now you have the knowledge, you know where to find what you need, and your kitchen is crying out for a fresh look! We cannot wait to see how you style your kitchens. Please send in your Koh living kitchen styling, we love seeing the creative ways you use our products.

For all things colourful and kitchen, be sure to visit https://kohliving.com.au/collections/kitchenware

Happy styling!