Best Housewarming Gifts

Best Housewarming Gifts

A thoughtful gift is a powerful way to show you care

At Koh Living, we LOVE giving gifts and here is why. A thoughtful gift has the power to show our loved ones that we are thinking about them, that we love them, and that we truly know them. Gifts can also be a beautiful way of commemorating and celebrating important life events. Gifts we have received on special days such as, a wedding or the first home you ever owned are especially meaningful, as we will forever associate those happy memories with that gift.

Making a house feel like a home

Do you remember moving into your first home? It can be an exciting, emotional and sometimes stressful experience. It is important when going through this big life event, that we are able to fill our new space with things that make it feel like a home. Items that have sentimental value or that bring us joy every time we look at them. A thoughtful housewarming gift is a great way to help your loved one start to make their new house feel like a home. Unfortunately, a ‘one size fits all’ perfect house warming gift does not exist. But don’t worry, we are here to help you find something your loved one will cherish for years to come. So read on for some seriously great housewarming gift inspiration, or as we like to call is ‘giftspo.’

“Society tells us we need to hurry up; art tells us to take our time.”

The above is one of my favourite quotes from Junot Diaz. It speaks volumes about why having art in our home is so important. Amongst all the machine-made items in our home, it’s nice to have something that brings a softness and humanness back into the space. Perhaps the humanness is because of the story being told in the art or even the artist behind it. Our glass Tea Light Candle Holders feature artworks from different Aussie artists, which come to life and glow when a candle is placed inside. The artwork is fused onto the glass orb by hand, using special polymer clay. This technique creates unique pieces which make wonderful housewarming gifts. Choose from the gorgeous deep hues of Indigenous artists, Kathleen Buzzacott’s art, or the vibrant florals of Melbourne artists, Anna Blatman. Not only are the artworks beautiful to look at, but they all have a story to tell. The glow of the candle inside the Tea Light Holder when it is lit will also make your loved ones new home feel warm and inviting.


Gift them something that will encourage conversation in their new home

Nothing can warm a house more than laughter and catch ups with loved ones. So why not gift them something that will inspire conversation? The cute and colourful Aussie animal designs by artist, Anna Blatman are sure to spark discussion. I mean, they are just too cute to ignore! Imagine a cheeky rainbow lorikeet poking its head out from under your cup of tea. Or maybe the furry nose of Wilma the Wombat? How divine.

A set of ceramic coasters from our many different ranges, is the perfect housewarming gift. Not only are they beautiful, but they are reinforced with a cork bottom, so they won’t slip or leave marks on the table. Why not gift your loved one a 4 pack of our very popular and newest design, Aphelia for $19.95. Or perhaps our Anna Blatman Animals Coaster Care 6 Pack for just $23.76!


A gift for reflection in this new exciting chapter of their lives

Moving into a new house is such an exciting experience! A really thoughtful gift idea for your loved one in this time is a beautiful art-inspired journal. With this journal they can scribble all their thoughts and feelings and memories as they enter this new chapter of their life. I don’t know about you but my memory seems to be getting worse by the year and a journal can become such a precious vault of memories when we look back on it in years to come.

A new journal with fresh pages is a perfect housewarming gift, as it symbolizes a fresh start, the turning of a leaf, which is what moving into a new house can feel like. To make this gift even more special, choose a journal that has beautiful artworks on the cover. Our journals have designs from many Australian artists and are simply breathtaking. The subtle use of embossment and some hints of metallic really bring the artworks to life. If that wasn’t enough, simply flick through the pages and be pleasantly surprised by uplifting quotes and drawings from the artist themselves. Our journals start from just $19.95, they are sure to love this gift!

Expertly gift wrapped to make your gift extra special

Now you’ve got some ideas for the perfect house warming gift, let us worry about the rest. Whenever you place an order with Koh Living, we are more than happy to provide free premium gift-wrapping. We can even write a personalized gift card, simply let us know what you would like it to say in the ‘order notes’ section at the checkout.

We know the value of a first impression, especially when it comes to gift giving! How your gift looks when you hand it to your loved one is very important. We make sure that the gift is already making them say ‘wow’ before they’ve even opened it! If you are geographically not within visiting distance of your loved one, but still want to congratulate them and show them you care, you can get it delivered straight to their new address when you order online! Imagine how special they will feel when a surprise package shows up on their doorstep.

We hope you have learnt a thing or two about choosing the perfect housewarming gift. To shop any of the items mentioned or to discover even more ‘giftspo’, visit

Happy gifting!

Koh x