Australia's Most Loved Wildflowers

Australia's Most Loved Wildflowers

Australia has the greatest number of wildflower varieties worldwide. They make an amazing experience for nature lovers who enjoy rambling in the great outdoors or those taking in the more sedate scenic drives or just enjoying botanic gardens. Here are a few of our favourite Australian Wildflowers.


Golden Wattle

This fragrant flower is revered as Australia´s official floral emblem evoking sentiments of home, country and kinship. It is easy to imagine the colour green as symbolising native forests and pastures and the gold Australia´s beaches, cereal crops and mineral wealth. The wattle is a popular ornamental garden flower and is sold commercially as cut flowers.


It´s easy to fall in love with this stunning bottle-brush type flower with its textured foliage. Its unique appearance - heads that are made up of hundreds or thousands of tiny reddish to yellowish flowers - make it favourite with Australians. As a rich source of nectar, it is popular not only with birds and insects, but also Aussies gourmets who appreciate its sweetness.

Christmas Bells

With attractive flute shaped yellow and red flowers and green strappy leaves, Christmas Bells are very popular with consumers. They have a long vase life and are thus ideal for cut flower arrangements. Very much in demand prior to Christmas, the bells have been part of the festive scene in Australia since the 19th century.

Kangaroo Paw

Named after one of Australia´s most loved native animals, this beautiful furry flower is a heart stopping experience. Admire it in a vase on its own but also notice how it enhances a floral arrangement. Kangeroo Paws attract a variety of insects and birds that will bring your garden to life.

Everlasting Daisy or Strawflower

Also known as paper daisies, this long lasting flower is also popular with florists and dried flower enthusiasts. Considered the showiest of all native flowers, they are well-liked by home gardeners, growing easily from seed in the right conditions. Simply toss the seed around and watch it grow between other plants in your garden. Why wouldn´t you love it.