Top spots to find Australian Wildflowers

Top spots to find Australian Wildflowers

Australia has an amazing collection of 24,000 wildflowers, 12,000 of which are found in Western Australia. Of these, 60 percent cannot be seen anywhere else in world. What a marvel for nature lovers, excursionists and artists. Below are 5 hot spots to visit to see some these australian wildflowers.

Lane Poole Reserve - 100km south of WA

This is a popular recreational park for bushwalkers and nature lovers. There are many walking tracks along the Murray River and in the spring beautiful wildflowers can be found in forested areas.

Meelup Beach, WA

A popular place for sailing and swimming. In Spring, when the wildflowers bloom, excursionists are in for a surprise. Meelup Beach is found near Dunsborough, W.A.

Wave Rock, WA

Located near the town of Hayden in the wheat belt of W.A., wave rock resembles a huge wave that at its highest point is about to crash into the bush. Equally stunning are the billions of brilliantly coloured Australian wildflowers that appear suddenly after the winter rains.


Boroka Lookout, VIC
Hiking in the Grampians is a memorable experience with the Boroka Lookout offering stunning panoramic views. But where to look ...the hiker is easily distracted by the beautiful and seemingly delicate thrypotomene (heath myrtle) which flowers in spring along rocky mountainsides.


Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Winter sports are over but it´s springtime and now Kossie Park is abloom with high altitude wildflowers - everlasting daisies, purple eyebrights and yellow billy buttons.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve, NSW

North of Sydney, this secret garden is only open for 6 weekends between August-September so that the flora and fauna can flourish. It show-cases a dazzling display of banksias, orchids and wildflowers as well as Australia´s much loved waratah flower.