Transcending Into Happiness

Transcending Into Happiness

Finding Balance amongst the chaos

The pace of change has never been as rapid as it is today and many people are struggling to keep abreast, and indeed, many feel they are falling behind. This can leave one with a feeling of disorientation, alienation or loneliness.

Because the universe works constantly to create a state of equilibrium, we have also witnessed a rise in spirituality with people seeking peace, fulfilment and a feeling of belonging. If we stop and take time out for ourselves, we will realised that we do have choices.

We can pass from material abundance where we want to satisfy our needs or wants, to a true state of abundance where we feel a profound gratitude to have our opportunity to live this life and all that comes with it.

How many of us have observed that the people with less often give the most. They enjoy the simple things in life. Dancing, singing and laughing together. Taking life as it comes with abundance.

True abundance can lead to a state of transcendence. We become the observer in a place where all thoughts cease. We choose our actions based on intuition rather than our emotions. It is a state of peace where we are in communication with the divine and feel a universal connectedness.

Being able to reach a state of transcendence does not mean that life will become easy. There will still be challenges but what will change is the way we address those challenges.

Our beautiful Transcendence Minikins™ are perfect for meditation and contemplation. They inspire a sense of peace, harmony and universal protection. To transcend is to experience a spiritual awakening. To go deep within and beyond your ordinary limits. To find true abundance, and to be alive and aware. Light a lantern to tap into your inner wisdom and contemplate life's deeper questions.

This delicate Minikin Lantern is moulded with fine white porcelain, which sits on a round wooden base. When lit with a tea-light candle the warmth of the flame glows through the porcelain and its true beauty comes to life. Koh X