How to Close 2020 and Plan 2021

How to Close 2020 and Plan 2021

Do you journal?

If you have invited journaling into your life as a regular practice you will understand the incredible benefits it brings. Particularly in the closing of a year and the welcoming of a New year, journaling can help us let go of what no longer serves us and enter this new chapter with clarity and calm.

Those moments of utter “where the heck do I start!?” 

But even for us seasoned journalers and self-reflection enthusiasts, there are those moments of utter “where the heck do I start!?” Being a long-time journal enthusiast myself, I have felt a little overwhelmed when I think about reflecting on the year we have just had. As a result, I have put off writing for a few weeks, which is rare for me. After some thinking I have put it down to the vast bigness that was 2020. How do we even begin to reflect on all the emotional complexities of that year? I needed some direction, a place to begin, a visible starting line.

Knowing where to start with your journaling 









It was then that I stumbled by happy accident across, YearCompass.

YearCompass is a free downloadable booklet full of journaling prompts, and exercises that steer you through a beautiful reflection on the year just been. It will also help you plan for the year ahead with questions that allow you to get clear on where you are headed and what is intrinsic to your happiness.

Remove all distractions

For me, when journaling, it is important that I am completely without distraction. Phones and emails are far from reach. This means, I depend on having a physical, paperback journal that will not start dinging with text notifications! Your personal journal should be something you cannot wait to pick up and write in. Perhaps the cover has a design that really speaks to you, or maybe there are positive quotes scattered throughout its pages.

Aboriginal art journals









The Dreamtime Stories range of journals designed by Aboriginal artist, Kathleen Buzzacott offers just this. Each design tells a unique story and is mesmerizing to look at. The pages feature affirming words from the artist herself, as well as small illustrations depicting Aboriginal art symbols. They are much more than just paper and a binding.


Colourful, art-inspired journals









Or do you find yourself drawn to bright colour? Do you find it is the one thing that can instantly lift your mood and make you feel inspired? If this is the case, look no further than the Aussie animal range of journals designed by Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman. They feature joyful, colorful covers featuring all our favourite native furry friends. Anna Blatman is renowned for her use of right colour in all her paintings, and this is what we have captured on the covers of these journals. Have Kira the Kangaroo or Wilma the Wombat keep you company as you write. These beautiful journals also feature quotes from the artist that are aimed to inspire joy. Not to mention a few of her other artworks scattered amongst the pages.

Create a calm space









You see, the words you write in quiet council with yourself, are special…and so your journal must be too. Journaling is a fantastic tool we can use to learn from our mistakes and to celebrate our victories. All you need is a few quiet moments, your Koh Living journal and the YearCompass booklet to guide you. Perhaps a few 100% soy locally made candles burning too…ours use only the highest quality essential oils. With blends that can rejuvenate, calm, purify, allow easy breath and deepen meditation.

Creating a beautiful space with a journal you love, some candles and some quiet, will make your journaling experience much more relaxing. The dialogue between you and your pen will flow and you’ll feel damn good after…that I can guarantee! Start 2021 right and give yourself the gift of reflection…and for just $19.95!

A gift that shows you care about their wellbeing

When our own cup is full, we can start to fill the cups of other. The wellbeing of our loved ones is of the utmost importance to us. So why not gift them a journal too? Imagine just how special they will feel when they receive a gift with such a meaningful sentiment behind it. A gift like this shows them you really care about their wellbeing and that you have invested in their happiness. The benefits of journaling should be spread far and wide, after all, the world could use more happy people. So, let’s spread some happiness and get journaling!


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A heartfelt thank you to YearCompass for such a beautiful offering.

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Happy journaling Gorgeous Gift Givers,

Koh x