20 Days of Thanks

20 Days of Thanks

Have you reflected on 2020 yet? Maybe you would rather just forget the whole thing and move on. It certainly feels like the path of least resistance. For the most part, we are pretty good at putting our messy emotions in a neat box and shoving it in the cupboard, right under the strange collectable frog figurines your mother-in-law keeps gifting you because you once mentioned you liked frogs in 2005. We all have one of those little boxes, and by golly if the recent pandemic didn’t shake it up for you even a little bit you must be a close relative of the Dalai Lama.  

With recent easing of restrictions and borders opening, it seems we are returning to some kind of ‘normal’. People fill the cafes catching up over a coffee...not a paper cup in sight. Joy! Although we might not skip a beat returning to our busy lives, the truth is, we need to make more time for reflection. Whether it’s journaling, talking to loved ones or practicing gratitude.

This is where Koh Living comes in. An Aussie owned and operated business, whose mission is to make people feel loved and appreciated through the creation of unique art-inspired gifts. Koh Living has always stood for more than just beautiful products (though they do that incredibly well too.)  The company’s partnership with The Smith Family Foundation as well as their ongoing efforts in supporting Indigenous Aussie artists, show they truly care. For these reasons it’s no surprise that Koh Living has attracted nurses as some of their most loyal customers. Because who cares more than our nurses?  

During the pandemic, the heads at Koh did some reflecting of their own and came away with a clear goal. They wanted to offer people a special way to reflect and give thanks to someone that deserved it. The result - The ‘Koh Living 20 Days of Thanks Competition’ allows people to nominate someone they are thankful for. Someone who went over and above in 2020. Maybe they’re a nurse, a teacher or a supermum? Once this person is nominated they will be in the running to win one of 20 prizes to the value of $500. 

It is so important we make the ‘givers’ of the world feel appreciated. Often they give so much and forget about themselves. By nominating someone we will also be practicing gratitude, which is such a simple yet powerful way to begin healing from the emotional upheaval of recent events. So...who are you thankful for, and why? Click here to nominate someone.