How Your Gifts Are Making a Difference

How Your Gifts Are Making a Difference

An article about ethics philosopher Peter Singer states, “Most people believe it is a good idea to help out others in need. If someone falls over in front of us, we usually stop to see if they need a hand or to check if they are OK. Donating to charity is also considered to be helping others in need, but we may not always see the person we are helping in this case.”

Do you know how your gifts are making a difference?

This got us thinking. Do you know how your gifts are making a difference? We want to take this opportunity to remind all our Gorgeous Gift Givers how your support of Koh Living has made a difference in the lives of so many. You…our generous community…are who enable us to go out and do the ‘feel good’ stuff that we are so passionate about.  

 2020 was tough!


In 2020, there were financial challenges. Small businesses were hit harder than most. Despite this and the uncertainty that lay ahead, we decided not to stick our head in the sand, but rather to continue giving back and putting positive energy out into the world. In 2020 alone, Koh Living donated over 500 gifts to children in Australian hospitals. Every one of those 500 gifts were lovingly gift-wrapped by the Koh team after the office had turned out the lights for the day. There was paper and sticky tape flying everywhere, but it was all done with a smile and hearts overflowing.

500 gifts went to kids in need

These 500 gifts were distributed to Aussie hospitals by the amazing team at The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network for the kids to receive on Christmas Day! Though this year Santa was not able to do the rounds at the Hospitals due to restrictions, the kids were able to watch a pre-recorded video of the big jolly man whilst receiving their gifts. Who knew Santa could Zoom?

 “We were delighted to receive the most beautiful Koh Living donation for our patients. They came at the most perfect time and we will distribute many of them to our patients for Christmas Day. It has been a very challenging year for our patients with so much of our regular and seasonal entertainment on hold, as well as restrictions with visitors. Please send our sincere thanks to everyone at Koh Living for your kindness extended to our patients at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. We know this has also been a difficult time for many businesses, so we are particularly grateful for your generosity.”

– Debra Fowler, Public Relations. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Making people feel loved and special is so important


Our purpose at Koh Living is quite simple, we just want to make people feel loved and special. It is the most important job any of us can do. Every time you shop at Koh Living, you are not only finding beautiful gifts for your loved ones, but you are also enabling us to give back to Australians in need.

So pat yourself on the back and smile knowing that your gifts have made a difference in 2020. Let’s make the new year even better and have care at the forefront of everything we do. Thank you.

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