Gifts for Best Friends

Gifts for Best Friends

Best friends are a wonderful thing and their birthday only comes around once a year! Although we show our love for them all 365 days of the year, their birthday is when we really get to make them feel special. Finding them the perfect gift that makes them feel special should be easy right? After all you know them better than most. You know what makes them belly laugh, what has sentimental value to them and what the things they would NEVER be caught dead wearing! So why is it so hard to find the perfect gift for your bestie?

Maybe we find it so difficult to find the perfect gift because we don't know how to convey just how much we appreciate them in one gift! My advice would be not to overthink it, trust that you know them and that the thought you put into choosing the gift will shine through. Relax...they’re going to LOVE it. Here are a few sparks of inspiration to get your gift ideas flowing!


Gifts for the art lover


We would love to gift our art-loving besties with a huge Monet original to hang on the wall, but we haven’t won the lottery this year! So why not gift them art-inspired homewares! A ceramic trivet showcasing the works of Australian artists will bring colour to their home and a smile to their face. They could us it to burn candles on, to lay out their jewellery or just to display it in their home. With so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits their taste. 

Gifts for an active lifestyle 



Does your best friend love to stay active? A drink bottle is the perfect gift! Even if they don’t, all humans need water to survive and I’m guessing your bestie is a human right? These stylish drink bottles are the ultimate useful gift! They will be used time and time again and every time they take a refreshing (cold, because they’re insulated) sip…they will be reminded of their amazing friend. These bottles come in a range of designs too…who said hydration couldn’t look good?


Gifts for the happy chef


If your best friend is a regular Jamie Oliver, you can’t go past a gift that will inspire their passion! These tea towels are not your regular tea towels though. They are 100% cotton meaning they are extremely absorbent (win!) and they feature designs from Indigenous artistKathleen Buzzacott and Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman.

They are not only useful but will bring colour and joy to your best friends kitchen. They may even feel compelled to thank you for their gift with an amazing home-cooked meal! One can only hope.

Gifts for the creative friend

When purchasing for creative types, it can be a good idea to gift them something that encourages their creative talent! Creating is a passion for them, so something that speaks to that passion will be a cherished gift. A colorful art-inspired notepad and pencil box will let them sketch or write to their hearts content. The vibrant and uplifting designs will inspire their creation and liven up their space.


Gifts for lovers of coffee and wine


Usually, the best catchups with your BFF are had over a coffee or a glass of wine! I cannot begin to recall the amount of laughter, exciting news and moral dilemmas I’ve discussed with my bestie over a latte or a vino! So why not give them a gift that can do both. These insulated travel mugs  will keep their drinks cold for 24hrs and hot for 12 hrs! You’ll be able to chat to your hearts content!


Gifts for the interior decorating guru

Does your best friend have a beautiful home? Maybe they just have an eye for interior styling. These friends will love and appreciate anything ‘home décor.’ Think about the colour palette of their home. Are they one for neutral tones or maybe pops of colour? Whatever their personal style, there are so many gorgeous Tealight Candle Holders in the Koh Living range…there is sure to be one that will make the perfect addition to their home. A gift like this will show them you really know them and what they like!

Always remember, a gift to your best friend should speak to who they are as a person, their interests and style. The gift should be as unique as your friendship. Lastly, don't be afraid to go with your gut! You know them best and chances are, if you have a good feeling about's the perfect gift. 

Happy gift giving!

Koh x