Why Care Packs Make The Best Gifts

Why Care Packs Make The Best Gifts

Why Care Packs make the best gifts

The truth is, there are a lot of ‘same-same’ gift ideas online. It’s frustrating when all we want is to give our loved ones something special. If we’re being honest…we’re looking for the perfect gift! If you’re like me, the act of gift giving has significant meaning behind it. This means, ensuring we choose a gift that shows how much we care is very important.

But do you ever find that it’s almost impossible to show just how much they mean to you in just one gift? This is the beauty of a Care Pack! Care packs are a thoughtful bundle of love - all their favourite things, guaranteed to make them feel loved and appreciated.

The element of surprise (parcels)

Banksia Gift Pack

Never underestimate the delight of receiving an unexpected gift! Imagine them receiving your gorgeously gift-wrapped Care Pack, delivered straight to their doorstep! Receiving a surprise gift like this will make them feel so loved. It shows you were thinking of them, not because you were expected to, but because you truly care. When they see that parcel arrive with a big bow and beautiful wrapping paper, they will be beaming from ear to ear. At this point, they are already feeling like a superstar, and they haven’t even opened it yet! Gift giving is much more than just choosing the gift, it is about the entire experience.

More is more

Finke River Care Pack

A care pack containing 3 or 4 gift items, can inspire far more excitement than one big present. The delight in discovering and admiring each item within the box will make the ‘opening’ aspect of the gift last longer. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love opening gifts!? A Care Pack means more ‘opening’ and more enjoyment! A common mistake is that we sometimes worry far too much about what to buy and forget the actual fun we have in receiving a gift! Opening gifts can remind us of when we were young and had a child-like curiosity. Who says we can’t have that as adults too?

Personalized gifts go a long way

Kookaburra Care Pack

The real beauty of Koh Living care packs, is that if you can’t find exactly the right combo of products amongst our curated Care Packs…you can create your own! Simply add the products to cart and select the ‘It’s a gift’ option…easy peasy! After all, you know them better than we do, and only you could create the perfect personalized care pack, made up of all the products they would love. We’ll leave that part to you…and you can leave the complimentary premium gift-wrapping to us.


Love notes

Love Notes

Speaking of personalized, we are all about that extra care and finishing touches to make your gift extra special. That’s why, if you want to add a message to your care-pack, simply pop it in the order notes, and we will hand write your message to put in the parcel. There is nothing more special than receiving a handwritten note from a loved one. If they are an art lover, consider popping in a gorgeous greeting card, designed by Indigenous artist, Kathleen Buzzacott or Melbourne artist, Anna Blatman. These small touches are what turn a good gift into an amazing gift.

Important dates for Australia Post delivery


It’s the busiest time of the year for postal services, so we did some research to make sure you know exactly when your orders need to be sent to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas. Australia Post released a statement that said December 12th would be the cut off date for regular postage and December 19th is the cut off date for Express postage. If you are not super organized this year, don’t be tough on yourself as it’s been a very weird year. If you miss the cut off dates, don’t worry…it’s the thought that counts, and better a late gift than never. We’re sure that the sheer excitement of receiving your gorgeous Care Pack will make them forget all about what day it is anyway!

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