Gifts For Her

Gifts For Her

Do you ever feel like you want to get that perfect gift, but find it incredibly frustrating because there is so much to choose from? If you are anything like me, you really care that your loved ones will not only love your gifts, but that they will use them as well. It makes my heart sing when I see an expression of genuine joy on the face of someone I have just presented with a gift. When I catch them using or wearing that gift throughout the year, it makes me feel proud that I made a great choice.

I also know how my heart sinks when I just know I have not made the best choice. However, it’s not the end of the world. Afterall, I made sure that, in the unlikely case they were not happy with the gift, or they already had something similar, it could be exchanged for something else. This forethought will save what could turn out to be an embarrassing day.

Effective Gift Giving Tactics 

Although I am generally great at choosing gifts, I find it really handy when I have some assistance, especially if I do not know the person well or if I am not familiar with the product that I am buying. I love shopping for gifts, but I find it incredibly frustrating that stores are still carrying the same old boring stuff. Gift guides can be incredibly helpful, especially as they tend to list gifts that are very popular.

Online shopping can be great, but to be honest, I prefer to touch and feel the gift, especially if I am not familiar with the company whose products I would like to buy.  I have heard unfortunate stories from friends who have bought things online and received something that was disappointingly different from what was being promoted. Keeping this in mind, I absolutely love companies that have products reviews on their website, this also helps ease my mind.

When I purchase gifts I usually start with aesthetics. Do I think they will love this? I love buying clothing for people but that can be tricky depending on the person you have in mind. I am usually pretty good with mum as she is a similar size as me and has very similar tastes.  My sister on the other hand is the complete opposite, BUT I know that my sister would LOVE these baubles by artist Anna Blatman. Not only does my she love colours and flowers, she also loves Christmas.  At $39.95, I feel you just cannot go wrong, especially as they come in this amazing gift box!


You can never go wrong with stationary. I mean, what woman doesn’t love beautiful stationery. This new collection of Australian made notepads, market lists and letter set are just divine! Not only are they Australian made, but they are also printed on recycled paper. You can also ask for a matching set of coloured pencils that come in this old-fashioned wooden box for only $14.95.



Gifts that will make her smile

If you know a woman who needs a bit of sunshine and happiness in her life, you cannot go wrong with these very sunny and practical thermal stainless steel mugs. I have been using one of these mugs all winter because there aren’t any good coffee outlets near my work. I buy my precious latte near my home and drink it an hour later when I get to work, and it is still HOT. And the same mug will keep your drinks COOL for up to 24 hours on a hot day – this is a BONUS in summer when so many Aussies are travelling around in the torrid heat. They will feel comfortable knowing that there is a mug of cool liquid at their side. This has been a great addition to our Anna Blatman florals collection, and a perfect gift for her. $39.95


What about women and candles? I believe this is a no-brainer for anyone. You cannot go wrong here. If you are unsure which scent your woman prefers (which can be tricky), then simply buy her an art-inspired candle holder. This way she can use whatever scented tealight she likes. You can choose from our huge selection of locally made soy scented tealights which are our top selling product, together with our candle holders.

Take a look at our wide selection of candle holders. It will be easy for you to choose something from this selection for your lady as she is bound to love wildflowers, Aboriginal art, or Anna Blatman art. What do you think she will love most? Does she like banksia’s? Or perhaps she is a bird lover?  This beautiful banksia has a blue wren on it and who doesn’t love blue wrens? This is our top selling design in the Australian Wildflower range. $29.95



Can you imagine her with this gift? 

 If you find it too difficult to make a decision based on colours, you could give her one of these gorgeous Minikin™ Lanterns. Everyone loves these lanterns but if your lady is into whites or pale shades, she will be especially ecstatic.  The embossed porcelain cover is adorable and when the tealight is lit, she will witness a scene of pure magic, a bonus if she loves birds. The lanterns come in a stunning gift box at only $34.95



If you have a more mature female friend to buy for, perhaps someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, why not give her one of these lovely Australian Wildflower tea towels. At $16.95 they would even make a great gift for a teacher. You can’t go wrong with a tea towel? Tea towels are the male equivalent of a sock, you can never get enough of them! I find that older women love things that are practical, things they will always use. So, choose from our array of wonderful art-inspired tea towels to keep your friend smiling.



A unique gift she will appreciate

For something different, Aboriginal art is a great gift? Not everyone can afford to have a piece of art hanging on their walls, but most people can afford a coaster, mug or even a water bottle. I believe that the days when we collected clutter for the sake of it have long gone. People are now looking for more meaning in their lives, they want to live purposeful lives and are seeking fulfilment. There is something very earthy and whole about the Aboriginal culture. It is meaningful without trying to be so.                                                      

Now if you choose a water bottle for your lady, she is getting more than a simple bottle. She is getting a piece of art which she can enjoy every single day. She is also helping our Aboriginal communities thrive. She is not only showcasing their art and making every day ‘cool’, but she has contributed towards a portion of each sale going back to the artists and their communities. $39.95



Gifting is about what 'she' will love

To continue with the practical gifts theme, which is what most of us women love, you can easily add a teacup! I am not sure how you feel about mugs, but I am very fussy about the type of mug I drink from. At work we have all sorts of cups, but this is the one I love and choose when drinking tea (I don’t think it is quite the same for coffee though). I reckon that tea drinkers are also bird lovers; what do you think? So, if your friend is a dedicated tea drinker, I am almost certain she will love this mug. $19.95

So, check it out. You can also get a matching coaster ($4.95). I have to say that I am not a fan of this bird, but giving gifts is not about us. It’s about them. This design started selling through the roof when we added this bird. This was a REALLY good lesson for me. Just because we do not like something, it does not mean that your lady, wont. The lesson here is that when buying gifts, we should be asking ourselves, ‘Would they like this.’?




A gift that cant go wrong

Last but not least, scented candles. Do you know a woman who does not love scented candles? And to be honest, you might think that these are a small gift, but in fact they are they significant. Imagine for a moment that you gave your woman these candles and then she continued buying them for the rest of her life. This is exactly what will happen if you buy her these scented tealights.

We have been selling these locally made soy tealights since the day we opened our shop. The reason we still have them 4 years later is because they are our top selling product, and customers keep coming back for them. I burn one every night when I do my meditation, so I can personally guarantee them.

I don’t know how you feel, but this gift is my kind of perfect gift. It is not so much about the cost, it’s about the usage your woman will get out of it. These tealights will be a constant reminder of you and they will love you. Every time she smells them, she will think of you!

Prices start from $2.



The gift of colour

I was at Anna Blatman’s studio today and she informed me that she collects glasses cases like other women collect shoes. I had never heard of anyone collecting glasses cases, what a novelty. I do wear glasses and generally use the case I am given at Specsavers. Boring, I know. For someone that owns an art-inspired gift company, it is about time I produced some exciting cases for glasses.

the glasses cases has been the first item from our new Anna Blatman florals collection that I siphoned off. I now have my glasses inside an stunning floral case which is not only gorgeous but also smooth as it is covered in fabric! My handbag has transformed into a bed of flowers, every time I go to grab my glasses, I feel a touch of love in my heart as I see those pink flowers jump at me. This is a perfect way to add a bit of colour and art to your personal space. Don’t underestimate the power colour and art has on your mental well-being.



Women can be easy to buy for, but it can also be a nightmare! These days people have almost everything they need (when it comes to things). So, it can be very hard to find a gift that is unique, which is why it is so important to find a gift that is meaningful. We love art-inspired gifts because art is naturally meaningful, and it does not date. The best thing about art-inspired gifts is that they are unique because art is unique.

Like you, I really love giving gifts and because I am so particular, I look out for gifts all year around. I want to be known as a great gift giver, it is strangely enough something I would be proud to own. It makes me feel good when I know I have made someone happy. Some of us know that giving gifts is one of the five love languages – this means that giving gifts might not make you feel loved but it might be someone else’s love language. Whether giving gifts is your language or not, there is nothing more amazing than someone else putting some thought into the gift that you have received. This will make someone feel like you care, and what could be better than that?