Koh Living's New Gift Collection Is Set To Bring Much Needed Joy and Happiness To Australia

Koh Living's New Gift Collection Is Set To Bring Much Needed Joy and Happiness To Australia

After living through such a challenging year, especially here in Melbourne, there’s nothing we need more than bright, bold, joyful colour! What a perfect time to release a stunning new floral range from Koh Living and Anna Blatman that’s all about colour and joy.

Anna Blatman’s unique style of painting has led to her recognition as one of Australia’s most admired artists. Her joy in living and life is reflected strongly in her style of painting and the strong, bright colours she uses to express her great love of flowers and connection to nature.

“I love flowers and nature, birds and rural settings. I like to take those scenes and make them my own and that makes me happy. It’s definitely my passion,” said Anna.

Koh Living’s partnership with Anna Blatman began back in 2018 when we first approached Anna about creating gorgeous Aussie animal designs which we could translate into products. It was the beginning of a beautiful partnership and friendship.

Since then, Kylie the Koala, Kelly the Kookaburra, Wilma the Wombat, Kira the Kangaroo and Kenny the Cockatoo have become household names. These iconic Aussie animals now feature on more than XX Koh products, from key rings and bags to tea towels and water bottles, and much loved by the whole family. Our art-inspired gifts are now favourites all over the world!

It’s time to bring a little colour and hope into back to your life

Anna Blatman’s new floral range includes six new designs, with lots of Anna’s signature pinks, reds and blues, a special range featuring sunflowers and a beautiful dragonfly.


The new giftware range features stationery - pencil sets, writing sets and shopping lists; personal accessories - glasses case and lens cleaners; and homewares, such as tea towels, water bottles, travel mugs and candle holders. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and something for every home. Let’s face it – no-one can resist a bright pop of colour!

We’re also all ready to decorate your Christmas tree this year, with a set of six stunning baubles featuring all of Anna’s new floral designs.



Supporting Melbourne in its recovery

For Koh Living, there are many reasons why releasing Anna’s brand new line is so exciting.

We all need a little joy and delight in our lives right now. After so many months of uncertainty and isolation, we have created a sensational selection of giftware just perfect to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones, near or far away.

It’s our opportunity to support an incredible Melbourne artist, at a time when it is so very important to get Victoria back on its feet and stronger than ever.

With Christmas only a few short weeks away - and uncertainty still surrounding the re-opening of state borders - we are perfectly placed to help you get your Christmas shopping swiftly and safely completed online, gift wrapped and in the post, with plenty of time to spare!

“My technique is that there is no technique!”

We adore Anna’s approach to art and expression. She is committed to being true to who you are and your own style.

This was something we especially loved in the art tutorials Anna recently recorded for kids during lockdown, which attracted more than 500 entries to a special Anna Blatman school holiday art competition.

Anna was determined to show all of our competition entrants that creating your own style of painting was most important, and the results were so wonderful, we had trouble choosing a winner!

“I’ve been painting flowers for 28 years and I am still no closer to getting them right – they are so beautiful and perfect! My paintings are full of colour and joy and that’s what makes them perfect to me.

“I’m a country girl at heart, bringing my love of nature to the city. Mine is a simple message to make people happy every day; ‘May your life be full of colour.”

How we’ve pivoted to bring more joy to Australians

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Koh Living had strong B2B partnerships with more than 600 retailers across Australia, particularly in the tourism industry, where our art-inspired gifts were popular gifts to take home as souvenirs, and as thoughtful gifts for friends and family across the globe.

But with retail outlets and airports closed and our business experiencing a 100% drop in sales, it was time to revisit our future. Over the last few months, our business has re-emerged with a B2C focus, continuing to bring joy to customers directly.

At Koh Living our focus is on bringing joy and happiness through gifting and making choosing the perfect gift so very easy. Every gift has a story – every gift will bring joy.

We have thought carefully about designing gifts that are personal and special, that will brighten people’s spaces, lift the general mood and bring happiness back to our country.

We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Anna again for this new project and it is such a privilege to have her artwork on our products.

At a time when our entire country needs a lift, Amma Blatman’s Floral Collection has arrived just in time! Choose your own art-inspired gift here

Looking for another sustainable, art-inspired solution? 

Our new partnership with Fella Hamilton is supporting another talented Australian artist who created our Dreamtime Stories range, Kathleen Buzzacott.

Faced with a warehouse full of brand new tea towels and no retailers to sell them, we approached Fella Hamilton to turn our beautiful cotton tea towels into comfortable face masks.

We are so excited that we were able to find an excellent solution that has benefited all three businesses through innovation and collaboration.

Support Kathleen Buzzacott’s extraordinary Aboriginal art and buy either a tea towel here or your own special Kathleen Buzzacott face mask from Fella Hamilton here