Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mum

What makes a mother? Is it the person who birthed you? The one who fed you? The person who looked after you? Is it the one who taught you? Perhaps a mother is all those things…or maybe she is something quite different altogether. 

At Koh Living, we recognise that ‘mums’ come in all shapes and sizes. Their roles are many and varied, taken on for more than just those who share their genetic makeup. Selflessness is at the heart of being a mother and anyone can possess such a heart. These are the people who extend love and care, not just to biological children, but to grandchildren, stepchildren, adopted children, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, students and even pets. 

We think that everyone in a ‘mum’ role deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. It’s a day to recognise and say thanks to all the women who make sacrifices in order to nurture and enrich the lives of others. 

The Best Gifts For Mums Of All Types

So what’s the best way to say thanks to the ‘mums’ in our lives? With the perfect art-inspired gift of course! Our collection of unique Mothers Day gifts are a meaningful way to show you care.

Here's our complete Mother’s Day gift guide, filled with everything we know about the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for every type of mum. 

Gifts For Mums Who Love To Cook

Let’s talk about those ‘mums’ who know how to fill an empty tummy. Whether she’s been preparing a meal all day or simply providing the donuts for afternoon tea, she’s always happy to have you in her kitchen. Remind her that you appreciate her cooking with an art-inspired tea towel. These delightful designs bring the best of nature and beautiful colours into her kitchen. Whether it's Ulysses In Flight Linen Tea Towel, or one of our Aboriginal Art tea towels, these thoughtful tea towels are sure to brighten her kitchen and her Mother’s Day. Bonus points if you actually use the tea towel to dry up!

Mother's Day Gifts For Mums Who Love Coffee

Mum types are often happy to lend a listening ear. Their sound advice, accompanied by a good cup of coffee is always good for the soul. Show them you enjoy the ritual (and our environment!) with a Koh Living reusable stainless steel travel mug. Double-walled and insulated with a leak proof lid, they’ll keep her coffee hot for 12 hours.


We know some conversations are better shared over a wine or cocktail and for this the stainless steel travel mug also comes in handy, keeping your cold beverages chilled for 24 hours. Our latest autumn/winter collection includes two new travel mugs featuring all new illustrations from renowned artist Anna Blatman. If the mum figure in your life enjoys a cuppa at home then a set of art-inspired mugs won’t go astray either.

Gifts For Mums Who Love To Entertain

She’s the life of the party and ready to welcome one and all to her table. She’ll be excited to get you all together (again and again!) so she can use her art-inspired candle holders to bring beauty and joy to the table and the room.

Dropping just in time for Mother’s Day, our new range includes a stunning collection of candle holders, candle lamps, scented candles and candle gift packs. Choose from a range of Aboriginal art designs that combine the beauty of Australian history, culture and art. To create truly unique Mothers Day gifts, think about how you can marry meaningful gifts with quality time. You may like to spoil her with gifts for the table, arrange a meal and invite her loved ones to sit at it too!


Mother's Day Presents For Active and Sporty Mums

Keep the mum figures in your life hydrated and remind them that you care each day with an art-inspired stainless steel drink bottle. With a diverse and ever-growing range of artistic designs, Koh Living’s drink bottle collection has something to suit every vibe. This is also the perfect present for busy mums (which is basically all mums right?) who run from place to place, always ticking the boxes with an endless ‘to do’ list.

gifts for sporty mums for Mothers day


Help her go about her busy day with gifts that make life easier. When it comes to presents for mum, you can’t go past practical gifts. These are invaluable for any mum going about life, and thanks to our partnerships with such wonderful artists, choosing a gift from Koh Living for your mum means she'll also adore the stunning artwork and beauty along with the practicality of your present.

Australian Presents For Every Mum

Single mums, two mums, working mums, and even work mums, adopted mums, new mums, old mums and those who aren’t technically a mum at all, if they’re working to look after others then this Mother’s Day is about them. Show them that the sacrifices, the love, the support and the laughs don’t go unnoticed with a meaningful gift from Koh Living.