The Artistic Journey of Jacinta Rai

The Artistic Journey of Jacinta Rai

Koh Living proudly presents an exquisite collection that bridges the ancient wisdom of Aboriginal culture with contemporary artistry. This series, featuring the work of the talented Jacinta-rai, offers a unique insight into the stories, landscapes, and spirit of Australia's Indigenous heritage. From the vivid depictions of "Girambit" and "We Are One" to the profound narratives of "Creation," each piece is a celebration of identity, unity, and the natural world.


“The rainbow in this piece represents the many Ngurras (our clan groups) that form our community.”

This piece is a vibrant celebration of community and environmental stewardship. Through a kaleidoscope of colours, Jacinta Rai depicts the deep connection between the clan groups (Ngurras) and their shared responsibility towards waterways and marine life. The artwork, adorned with rainbows and deep blue circles, symbolizes unity in diversity, reflecting the lessons passed down through generations. It's a visual ode to the Worimi people's enduring relationship with both land and sea, advocating for a sustainable future that honours the gifts of Mother Earth.

We Are One

“We are One represents our First Nations people and the different mobs we come from all around Australia.”

Inspired by the AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia, "We Are One" is a powerful affirmation of the interconnectedness of Australia's First Nations people. Through this design, Jacinta Rai encapsulates the essence of unity amidst diversity, portraying how various mobs across the country strive to coexist harmoniously. The artwork is a tribute to the land— a constant in the lives of its traditional custodians and a foundation for living, loving, and learning. It's a reminder that, despite our differences, there's a shared journey towards unity, respect, and acknowledgment of the land's original stewards.


"Creation represents where we have been, where we are today and where we are going – Our past, present, and future."

This design takes us back to the beginning, where life emerges. "Creation" is characterized by a dynamic wave that symbolizes the source of all existence. Below this wave, the interplay of blues, greens, whites, creams, and peaches narrates the critical importance of water in nurturing life. This artwork connects communities, illustrating how collaboration and mutual support are vital for survival and prosperity. The rainbow serves as a bridge between the past, present, and future, carrying the legacy of the land and its people through time.

Together Again

Together Again’ tells the story of two people who are briefly separated; one passes away but they are reunited once more in the Dreaming.

This captures the poignant theme of reunion in the Dreaming, where two spirits find solace and reflection in the afterlife. This narrative speaks of love and loss and celebrates the enduring bonds that transcend physical existence. The artwork's use of rainbows and vibrant surroundings evokes the memories and legacies that connect families and communities.


Home’ represents the way we find our path and walk life’s journey on country.

Home paints a vivid picture of belonging and unity within the tapestry of community life. Set against the backdrop of Butchulla country, it explores the individual journeys that weave together to form a harmonious collective. This piece encourages us to consider our role in the larger narrative of coexistence and mutual respect.

Journeys in the Sun

‘Journeys in the Sun’ tells of her Worimi people’s experiences as they travelled across Country.

Journeys in the Sun narrates the travels and experiences of the Worimi people as they navigate the land. Representing various mobs and their gatherings, this artwork reflects on survival lessons passed down through generations, emphasizing the importance of connection, celebration, and support within the Aboriginal communities.



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