Christmas gift ideas For A Housewarming In 2023

Christmas Housewarming Gift Ideas

Australia’s property boom is a hot topic of conversation with everyday Australians weighing in on the state of the market. Personal stories of triumph, disbelief and relief will undoubtedly be told with gusto at Christmas parties this year, as property owners share their miraculous and sometimes dicey journeys. While some have hustled to secure a foot in the door, others have pulled the pin on city living and taken advantage of record high capital city prices. 

All that to say, there’s a lot of people buying and selling property right now and chances are you know someone who is celebrating their first Christmas in a new home this year. Whether they’re enjoying the spoils of a big sale and a timely buy or the simple satisfaction of finally owning a property, both are cause for celebration and unique housewarming gifts are certainly in order. 

Koh Living are here for all your housewarming gift ideas and today we take you through our guide for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for housewarming presents.

Why Give Housewarming Gifts For Christmas?

Housewarming gifts are customary when someone moves into a new home. Home ownership is a big deal across the globe and a housewarming gift is the perfect way to help those you care about celebrate their achievement. The act of giving a gift at this time offers well wishes to the new owners. Such a gift marks this momentous occasion and symbolises the future happiness and joy they will have in their new space. 

Housewarming gifts are traditionally given at a housewarming party or when you visit someone’s new home for the first time. While not expected, a housewarming gift is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture to those we love. 

If you have friends and family celebrating their first Christmas in their new home, it's the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and their housewarming at once. Say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘congratulations on your new home’ with a special housewarming Christmas gift.

The Art of Giving Good Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming gift is typically something for the home, either decorative or practical. Some internet sources suggest a housewarming gift of salt. Salt symbolises spice and flavour in one’s life, but we doubt your loved ones will jump for joy when you hand them a drum of Saxa salt, even if it does have a ribbon around it.

Meaningful gifts embody more than tradition and when choosing a gift it’s important to consider the recipient’s personality, style and the size of their new home. Expensive or bigger, doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

Good housewarming gifts will often tell a story, speak to who someone is and the way in which they live. These are the gifts that will be used or find a special space on the shelf. These gifts won’t be relegated to one of the ample storage cupboards their new home provides. 

Housewarming Gift Ideas this Christmas

Finding a Christmas gift can be challenging, but when someone is a new homeowner it opens up a whole new category of gift, that is ‘gifts for the home’, and to that, we say ‘hallelujah!’ Koh Living’s collection of art inspired gifts are creative and meaningful, just the thing for unique housewarming gifts this Christmas. 


Australian Themed House Warming Gifts For Xmas


Light up their new home with the dancing light of a candle. Koh Living’s own scented candle range uses 100% essential oils to deliver beautiful fragrance with up to 60 hours burn time. There’s something in the range for every new home.

Koh Living’s signature collection of tealight holders are just the thing for big impact in small spaces. Made from glass and clay, these tealight holders are painted by local Australian artists. Floral artworks, landscape depictions and traditional Aboriginal art in a range of different hues are elegantly illuminated by the candle within. These holders are perfect on their own or on one of our candle holder stands.

A new home is more than it’s walls and doors, it’s about family, memories and a feeling of warmth. Our collection of electric lamps, also made from glass and clay, have a unique way of casting light into a room. The painted illustrations are stunning by day, while at night their glowing light creates an inviting space. 


Christmas Housewarming Presents and Gifts from Koh Living


The kitchen is the heart of the home and housewarming gifts for the kitchen are an obvious, but always appreciated choice. Koh Living has the kitchen covered with art inspired tea towels that will brighten up any kitchen. Featuring artwork from local Australian artists, these tea towels are a great way to introduce artistic flair in a very useful and practical way. 

To protect that newly purchased furniture or entertain guests, coasters, travel mugs and flasks, mugs, trivets and trays, are all the things that new homeowners need. These are especially good housewarming gifts for couples. Koh Living’s kitchenware collection brings nature into the home, reflecting the beauty of where we live. 

Christmas Housewarming Gift Ideas

The saying goes, you should ‘work smarter, not harder’, well why should your Christmas shopping be any different? A housewarming gift that’s also a Christmas gift just makes sense. Koh Living’s Christmas gift collection will help new homeowners celebrate Christmas in their new home for years to come. 

Christmas inspired Minikin tealight candle holders are among our top ‘can’t go wrong’ Christmas housewarming gift ideas. Fine white porcelain featuring Christmas tree, snowflake or reindeer designs sit on a wooden base and are brought to life with a flickering flame. Their neutral colour and timeless beauty means they will fit seamlessly into any home, both modern and classic. 


Christmas Gift range of candle lanterns from Koh Living


Help new homeowner friends celebrate Christmas in true Australian style with a collection of Australian Christmas baubles and candle holders that tell stories of iconic Australian Christmases. Also in this very special Christmas collection are baubles and wooden Christmas ornaments featuring traditional Aboriginal art. A well-considered gift doesn’t have to be expensive either, our Christmas baubles are all under $10.

Introduce a little magic to their new home with one of our silver Christmas carousels. Carousels of snowflakes, Christmas trees and reindeer are sent twirling by the heat of a tealight candle. Families today, and future generations will be entranced as reflections dance around the room. 


Christmas Carousel Candle Holder Gift Australia wide delivery


They’ll always remember the beautiful items that marked their first Christmas in their new home and you’ll always be remembered as a great gift giver.