Christmas gift ideas for Australian Xmas 2023

Christmas Guide 2023 – Christmas Gift Ideas For This Year

Christmas Tree Image For Our Gift Guide for 2023

Who doesn’t feel a little pang of stress when choosing ‘that perfect gift’ for Christmas? Anyone who loves to give, cares that the gift is well received, loved, and used.

At Koh Living we understand what gifting is all about – it is a love language. This means that for people all around the world, receiving a gift makes them feel that someone is thinking about them and that they are loved. But what does it feel like when you receive a gift that has no significance to you? if you were to be honest, would you feel loved? Would you be disappointed?

We believe that when you give someone a beautiful, unique and practical gift, it is often well received even if it’s not the most suitable gift in the world. Everyone loves a gift that is colourful, beautiful, and meaningful? This is why we have dedicated our time to creating the most unique art-inspired Xmas gifts that that will be received with love and used with tender care. A percentage from the sale of many of our gifts goes back to underprivileged Australian communities, so at the very least your loved one or friend will feel good knowing that their gift is contributing to a better world.

Practical Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

Stainless Steel Drink Bottles & Travel Mugs

Give them double the joy this year for Christmas with one of our Stainless Steel travel mugs or drink bottles. They're absolutely irresistible for their practicality and their stunning design. The perfect practical gift for someone always on the go, their drink will be kept hot for up to 12hrs and cold for up to 24hrs, perfect for coffee or champagne!

Stainless Steel Travel mug and drink bottles with Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art Journals

If you want to buy a gift for someone who has it all, you cannot go wrong with our Aboriginal journals. These stunning journals are perfect for any recipient, particularly those hard to buy for recipients who seem to have everything and need nothing. Our Aboriginal Journals are wonderful for corporate workers who need a stylish, yet unique way to capture notes and thoughts, or for a busy mum who always has something else she needs to remember, or even students to take notes and remember details in style.

Aboriginal Journal Christmas present idea from Koh Living

Personalised Christmas Decorations For 2023

Aboriginal Christmas Decorations

Make their Christmas personalised this year, with a range of unique Christmas decorations to bring them joy, and act as a reminder of the love and respect that you have for each other, each and every year.

Our stunning Aboriginal Art Christmas Baubles feature a range of custom artwork from our Indigenous artist partners, and are available in gloss baubles, or our new range of wooden art ornaments.

Aboriginal Art Ornaments

Wooden Christmas Ornaments With Aboriginal Art

This range is absolutely stunning, and something we're so proud of here at Koh Living. Made from plywood, and finished with an Aboriginal Art design, our wooden decorations are available individually, or in boxed sets. They come in a range of designs from our talented Indigenous Artists, and will add a spectacular sight to your Christmas tree this year.

Australian theme wooden Xmas Decorations

Stunning Homewares Xmas Gifts For 2023

Tealight Candle Holders & Cast Iron Stands

If you are looking for a unique gift that will wow your partner, you cannot go wrong with any of our range of unique candle holders. With a range of designs, these beautiful holders not only look beautiful in the light of day with their unique artwork designs, but once the dark of night falls, light a tealight candle and watch the fabulous glow of colour and warmth fill the room.

unique Australian candle holders that glow


Aboriginal Art Tea Towel

Add some colour and practicality to the kitchen with our range of fabulous Aboriginal Art Tea Towels. Featuring fabulous imagery filled with exquisite colour and story, our tea towels will bring a sense of joy to the very heart of the home - the kitchen.

A practical gift idea for Christmas that's great for the favourite cook in your life, or for families when practical is always better.

Aboriginal Art Tea Towel Practical Xmas Gift

Other Beautiful Gift Ideas For Xmas 2023

Glasses Case & Lens Cloth Gift Set

A nice gift idea to bring some bright joy to the every day life of someone special. Our glasses case and lens cloth gift sets are the ideal way to add some fun and artistic joy with a range of floral designs, and our latest in Aboriginal artwork, there's a design to suit every recipient.

Koh living Aboriginal Art Glasses Case set


 Artistic Coaster Sets - Fun, Floral & Aboriginal Art

How can you go wrong with coasters? Almost anyone would use a coaster, and nobody does them better than we do! With a range of beautiful designs to suit any decor, this is a beautiful gift idea so your special recipient can remember just how much you care year-round.

Aboriginal Art Coasters


At Koh Living we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift. We know that it is important to you because being a great gift giver shows you care.  It’s just so frustrating to go shopping when so much of the same stuff is on display. You want to find something that is unique, something that will be loved and used for years to come.

For this reason, we focus on art-inspired and Aboriginal Art gifts and this means that every one of our gifts is unique. We also ensure that our gifts are not only beautiful and practical, but meaningful too. We want to make sure that whoever receives our gifts feels the love that we put into each and every one of them - we know gifting is a love language. It is an ABSOLUTE requirement that your loved ones feel the love that accompanies each of our gifts.