unique gifts for mother's day in Australia online for 2024

Unique Gifts For Mother's Day

Are you one of those people who love to give unique gifts, but don't like the hustle and bustle of hitting the shops to go gift shopping? Or perhaps you adore your gift recipients so much that it takes  so much time to find the perfect gift that you almost give up? Does this feel and sound familiar? It sure sounds like me, so to help you find the perfect gift for your mum this Mother's Day, we've launched a new range, and some new products so you've got even more choice on how to spoil her this year.

How To Find The Perfect Gifts For Mum

When I was in my 20s - 30s with plenty of time on my hands (but not so much money), the process of finding a gift was much easier. It wasn’t about the cost, but it truly was about the thought behind the gift. With less money and more time, I could connect with my creative side to spot something that was a perfect match for my special person. Sometimes I spent money on a gift, but on other occasions, I would pick up something at a trash and treasure market that worked just as well.

When you reach 40, life changes. There are kids, full-time work and a home to care for. It also seems like there's an entire army of people to buy unique gifts for, because of course, the family has grown. There are aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces, stepchildren, the special friendships and the list goes on. How do you keep track of them all? 

Having reflected on how my attitude to gifting has changed over time, and of course, having launched our very own gift business, I realised that the perfect, unique gift can rarely be found in a shopping mall; it is unlikely to be found down on the local shopping strip. You may find that unique gift at a market, but oh how lucky we all are to have access to online shopping where we have a world of amazing gift ideas at our fingertips.

Searching for a unique gift for mum this Mother's Day? - Online shopping is the only way to go. You want a unique gift that is not only beautiful and practical but affordable – and most important, one that is tailored to the recipient of the gift, the most important person ever, your mum. 

Inspiration For Our Gifting Business

I have always loved unique gifts. I was never a big brand follower or an any brand follower for that matter. Even as a kid, growing up in Mexico where brands were in vogue, I wore daggy, baggy clothes. I remember my dad buying a stash of gifts for his staff without any thought of how appropriate they would be for each employee. I helped wrap these gifts which were then distributed willy nilly. This is not my idea of gifting.

People underestimate how feelings are affected around giving or receiving a gift. Lack of thought or consideration in giving can leave shattered feelings. This is why we love the concept of conscious gifting, and that has inspired so many of our product choices here at Koh Living. There is simply something beautiful in finding unique gifts that make a difference.

Take our Aboriginal art journals for example. They are more than just a journal. Not only is the outside texturally exquisite, the inside of the journal treats you to a journey. The journey is the story of each artist, the quotes they live their lives by and their drawings. With our Aboriginal journals there are explanations for each drawing as it relates to aboriginal art and culture.

Our journals are not only beautiful, they are made of environmentally sustainable FSC paper and, best of all, a part of the profits from each sale goes back to Australian communities. This makes this an even more unique gift. 

In stressful times like now, a unique gift like this will bring joy to anyone. It´s more than just the beauty of the gift, it´s the thought of giving back - helping to make a difference to Australians in need. It is the gift that makes a difference. Something else to consider when thinking of sustainability are these double-walled water bottles. 

Aboriginal women's dreaming water bottle gift ideas

These bottles are non-toxic BPA free and keep your drinks cold for up 24hrs and hot for 12hrs. Sure there are many bottles around, but do they have exclusive original art like these ones? If you are wanting a unique gift, you cannot go past original artwork. The sale of these bottles also goes towards Koh Living´s aim of supporting Indigenous communities.

Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Mum

Do you think your mum will love these unique gifts? Does she love art - or will she appreciate that our artists are compensated properly for their artworks and we give back to help their communities? Maybe she just loves colour – colour is huge way to enhance people's happiness. Perhaps she's just always on the go, and will appreciate a water bottle that's insulated. If you're lookin would be the perfect practical gift for your special person.

My mum would certainly appreciate the journals and the aboriginal artwork as she loves culture and history. She also loves practical gifts, so I am sure she would use it to scribble in while working out her daily crosswords. 

No matter what your mum loves, we're sure she loves you, and she'll love any gift she receives from you, including our latest range here at Koh Living.