The festive season came knocking, and it was amazing! We will do it all again in 2024 bringing a new wave of surprises at Koh Living.

Let's face it: everyone's gearing up for global shopping events, you know, the ones with the black this and cyber that. 

But here at Koh Living we're doing things delightfully differently. 


With daily once-a-year-only specials, you won’t want to miss, plus never-before-on-sale (our version of a sale rail) with some of our customer favourites, available at unbelievable prices.

We know how special this time of the year is for you. Gifting, decorating, or simply treating yourself, it's all part of the joy.

The countdown has begun, and the excitement is real.

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Countdown for 2024



Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

Why 12 Days of Christmas Sales Are Perfect for Christmas Shopping


Of course, our favourite reason for choosing the Black Friday sale season for your Christmas gift shopping is the absolutely amazing discounts on offer. 

Retailers and e-commerce stores go all out, slashing prices to offer huge savings on a wide range of products, so whether it’s skincare or home decor, budget gifts or luxury gifts, you can find virtually anything on your gift list at a fraction of the regular price. Here at Koh Living we're just as excited about Black Friday discounts as you are. We love nothing more than being able to offer you exclusive sales prices on our unique Australian decor and Aboriginal Art decor so you can bring joy to your own space or bring joy to those you love.

To access the best Black Friday sales on offer, we suggest heading to the website of your favourite retailers and joining their email list, so you'll be the first to know about any significant discounts on offer for their Black Friday deals. You might be surprised by the big discounts on offer and many retailers now offer early deals starting well before the traditional Black Friday shopping season.

2. Try Online Shopping For The Biggest Savings

With more and more people preferring to shop online, it's no wonder that all the best deals for Black Friday can be found online. Aussie retailers have embraced this sale event with fantastic deals to encourage online shopping and click and collect. We have both available here at Koh Living, with safe, secure online gift shopping, and click and collect also available for local shoppers.

Forget about long lines and crowded stores, not only does shopping online help you avoid the holiday season shopping chaos, it's also the perfect way to compare all the Black Friday deals on offer that might be of interest to you, making sure you get great deals and find the perfect gifts for Christmas.

Another great advantage of making online purchases for Black Friday is the ease of comparing product descriptions, reviews, features, pricing and making better choices and finding better gifts.

3. Exclusive Black Friday Gift Offers & Savings

If you're looking to surprise your loved ones with unique and memorable gifts, Black Friday is the perfect time to take advantage of bonus-gift offers. If you follow our Black Friday tips advice in tip 1, you'll sign up for the email newsletters of all your favourite brands, that way you'll know about any gift offers, exclusive deals, in-store specials or online deals so that you can plan your purchases accordingly.

It's very common for brands to offer extras like, buy one get one free, or buy this and get that style offers, on top of exclusive sales pricing, so it truly pays to be prepared and do your research. In online gift stores and homewares stores, email newsletters are full of special offers and discounts, so it always pays to sign up.

4. Black Friday Sales Australia-wide Of All Types

One of our favourite reasons for shopping for your Christmas gifts in Black Friday sale events is that the sales happen Australia-wide and across almost any product category you can think of. Whether it's the latest gaming console, or women's skincare, clothing, holidays, you name it, we guarantee you can find a Black Friday sale offering a discount on it.

Here at Koh Living of course, we offer an unique range of Aboriginal Art decor, stunning Aboriginal Christmas baubles, beautiful tealight candles, Candle Lanterns, scented candles, travel mugs and so much more.

We've got something for everyone. Our gifts for men include journals, travel mugs and coffee mugs. Our black Friday gifts for her, try our stunning lamps, Aboriginal Art inspired homewares, beauty products, scented candles, candle holders, kitchen decor and more. Black Friday 2023 is sure looking like it will offer fabulous savings from both major retailers and small businesses, and we hope to be part of your shopping journey.

5. Black Friday 2023 Deals Plus Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday falls at the end of November, which means it's an ideal time to get a head start on your holiday shopping. By taking advantage of Black Friday sales, you can avoid the last-minute festive shopping rush and ensure that your gifts arrive in time for the festivities. This early preparation allows you to enjoy the holiday season stress-free, focusing on the joy of spending time with your loved ones.

What Is The History of Black Friday Sales?

The concept of Black Friday dates back to the mid-20th century in the United States. It was initially associated with the day after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the Xmas shopping season. The term "Black Friday" referred to the idea that retailers would go "in the black" or turn a profit during this time of the year. Over the years, Black Friday grew in popularity, and the tradition of massive discounts and sales extended to countries around the world, including Australia.

The Growing Popularity of Black Friday in Australia

In recent years, Black Friday has seen a surge in popularity in Australia. This shopping phenomenon, once primarily celebrated in the United States, has become a significant event for Australian shoppers. Here at Koh Living, we love nothing more than a celebration, and we love joining other retailers across the country to take part in this growing sales event. We truly hope that our amazing customers can find the perfect gift for themselves or someone special at a great price during our sales events, and perhaps treat themselves to a little extra, or at least be able to afford beautiful gifts rather than cheaper alternatives.

We love that the reputation of Black Friday as a shopping extravaganza continues to grow. It makes absolute sense for Aussies to kick-start their Christmas shopping and take advantage of incredible discounts on so many fabulous products by so many retailers. As always, we encourage you to support small businesses during the Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sales periods.

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