Talented Indigenous and Australian artists inspire our colourful, creative candle holders and tea light candle holders. Add intrigue and a little piece of authentic art to your home, or delight friends with a truly beautiful gift.

Candles are relaxing, intimate and have been used for centuries. Candle holders are the perfect way to accentuate a candle’s beautiful glow, warming up colours and designs that create a calming atmosphere.  Candles are a symbol of hope. This cosy, warming and welcoming feeling is what makes a tealight holder the perfect gift.

Our collection of candle holders and tea light holders come in a beautiful array of styles, colours and designs to choose from. Choose your favourite designs from handmade candle holders, Minikintealight candle holder lanterns, iron candle stands and tealight carousels. Tea light candles and battery candles are available to complete your thoughtful gift. 

Our colourful handmade clay and glass candle holders depict enchanting scenes of native Australian flora and fauna favourites like perenties and emus, bottle brushes and waratahs. Many candle holders in our collection are art-inspired by Australian artists, Jacinta-rai Ridgeway Melanie Hava, Kahtija Possum, Annette Nungala and Pammy Foster. These bright, bold handmade candle holders create radiant light that illuminates your chosen design.

Silver Carousels are propelled by the heat of a tea light candle (included) and create magical shadows and movement, while porcelain Minikintealight candle holder lanterns make a glowing and calming atmosphere. Each feature beautiful designs loved by every age.



What are the candle holders made from? 

The candle holders are made from glass and a layer of clay. 

Is it safe to put a candle in our candle holders?

Yes, they are safe for candle use. Do not use pillar candles, only use a candle tealight. 

We always recommend you use one of our small tealights for the Minikin Candle Holders and the small votive holders. You can use either the small or larger tealights for the 11cm candle holder.  

Can I use battery operated LED tealights for the candle holders?

Yes! You can use an LED tealights for any of the candle holders, they are completely safe.  Buy battery operated electric led tea light candles from Koh Living! 

What size are the candle holders? 

The glass candle holders are 11cm for the medium, 4.5cm for the small votives. The Minikins are 12cm. 

What is a Minikin?

A Minikin is what we call our porcelain candle holders, they are made out of porcelain and the base is oak wood. 

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Every Indigenous gift comes with a story & connection to the artist and country

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Koh Living Candle Holders are renowned for creating an atmosphere of beauty and sophistication in any space in the home. Featuring stunning designs by some of Australia’s most talented Indigenous artists, our Aboriginal tea light holders are especially adored for their colour and ability to decorate a space, whether it’s a special occasion or just an elegant centrepiece for the dining table.

Aboriginal Candle Holders & More

Stunning colour, on trend design, our Aboriginal art candle holders are designed to capture the true essence of Australia and add beauty to any room of your home through decorative use of light. When choosing the perfect tealight candle holder, finding the right design is essential, especially if it will be used as a table centrepiece or as a decorative display in your home.

Do Candles Need A Holder?

Not all candles need a candle holder, however with candle holders as beautiful as ours, you’ll want every candle to be tucked elegantly into our stunning designs. Our range features a selection of beautiful tea light candle holders, along with our candle stand range, not to mention our carousel range, which features fun moving designs that everyone will love.

What is The Most Popular Style of Candle Holder?

The candle holder Australia loves most within our range changes over time, because our candle accessories range is one of our best-selling products we love introducing new candle holders to our collection, whether it’s our candle stands, glass candle holder range or our carousel candle holders with their unique moving carousel that brings so much joy.

Whether you’re looking for a table centrepiece or a candle holder for your mantle, something beautiful to house your scented candles, or just to add an ambience to your favourite space, our candle holder and homewares range features artwork and designs that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. It’s never about our most popular style of candle or candle holder, to the Koh Living team. It’s about gorgeous art, unique material and bringing joy, and we encourage you to choose a candle holder that you fall in love with, rather than one that is best-selling.

Is Gifting Candles A Good Gift Idea?

We love gifting candles and receiving candles, so we think gifting candles is a fabulous idea. Quality scented candles can change the atmosphere in any room. From relaxing and soothing aroma blends, through to vibrant and invigorating scents to fill the home, candles can bring pure joy to your gift recipient.

If you’re looking for a scented candle for someone special and you aren’t quite sure what aromas and scents they enjoy, a great alternative is a candle holder gift instead. A candle holder gifted to a candle lover is such a practical item that aligns with their passion for candles, but is also reusable and will bring joy to their home, who wouldn’t love a gift like that.

Candle Holders With Free Delivery Australia-Wide

We proudly offer free delivery on our candle holder range and entire store for orders over $120 making it more affordable to spoil yourself and update your home décor, or to find the perfect candle gift for a special recipient. Our designer candle holder collection features artwork and designs from some of Australia’s most talented Indigenous artists, along with a range of novelty candle holders, glass candle holders and votive holders, all beautiful and unique. 

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