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Dreamtime Blooms Candle Holder Value Bundle

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    Unique art inspired gifts
    Supports Aboriginal artists
    Meaningful gifts at great value
    Celebrating Indigenous culture
    Product Description
    This bundle includes a set of Dreamtime Bloom 11cm Candle Holders plus a triple tall iron stand.

    Domica Hill

    Pakana woman Domica Hill is a contemporary Aboriginal artist infusing traditional elements with modern colour palettes and patterns. She has a passion for native flora and Fauna inspired by the loss of her daughter Briar Primrose as well as bringing connection to her ancestors.

    Her creations often captivate a blend of contemporary and vibrant work while still paying homage to tradition with symbolism. Each artwork serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of her people and their inseparable connection to the land they inhabit.


    The Banksia artwork shows the beauty of Australia's plants with bright colours and clear details. You can also see lively birds in the design, adding charm. It's a simple yet captivating picture of nature.

    Flowering gum

    This Flowering Gum artwork shines with bright red blooms and delicate purple flowers set against soft greens. The pink bird, with its striking crest, adds a playful touch. Together, they create a lively and colourful scene that celebrates the beauty of nature.


    The Bottle Brush artwork bursts with rich red blooms, each bristle delicately rendered to capture its unique beauty. Nestled among the foliage, the patterned birds, with their bright eyes, bring a sense of life and movement. This piece perfectly embodies the vibrant spirit and detail of nature's wonders.

    Kangaroo paw

    This Kangaroo Paw artwork showcases vibrant purple and yellow flowers standing tall amidst green leaves. The detailed birds, with striking colours and patterns, add depth and interest. The composition captures the essence of a lively, natural setting, making the viewer feel a close connection to Australia's unique flora and fauna.

    Flannel flowers

    The Flannel Flowers artwork embodies a serene monochromatic palette, presenting the soft and velvety texture of the blooms in meticulous detail. The birds interspersed among the flowers enhance the composition's dynamism. The contrasting blacks, whites, and subtle greys offer an elegant, understated, and timeless visual, reflecting the gentle charm of these iconic Australian wildflowers.

    Desert pea

    The Desert Pea artwork pulsates with vibrancy and life, predominantly showcasing the fiery red tones of the iconic Australian flower. The radiant crimson parrots perfectly complement the deep red blooms, infusing the scene with their animated presence. There's a stark contrast between the bright colours of the fauna and the subdued tones of the foliage, capturing the heart of the Australian landscape.


    This Waratah-centric artwork is a visual feast, enveloping viewers in the intense beauty of the emblematic Australian bloom. The bold, deep reds of the Waratah petals dominate the piece, their intricate texture and form masterfully represented. Surrounding the Waratah is an array of complementary flora painted softer hues, allowing the vibrant Waratah to take centre stage. The playful green parakeets offer a splash of contrasting colour, their curious eyes seemingly in awe of the flower's splendour. 


    We passionately believe in making unique, special and delightfully different high-quality art-inspired gifts both affordable and accessible.

    All Koh Living Artists are Australian based, and all design work is completed in Australia. Koh Living Founder Tui Cordemans personally selects all artists and oversees all designs with special focus always being placed on unique and meaningful designs with stories to be told.  Koh Living is a proud and active member of the Indigenous Art Code and practises ethical trading of Aboriginal Art.

    Only the highest quality products are approved for sale by Koh Living with all manufacturers involved being either BSCI certified or complying with equivalent global social and compliance standards.  All manufacturing and logistics processes follow best practice guidelines and processes are regularly inspected.


    Your order is normally dispatched from Koh the next business day, and each one has a tracking number so that you can trace where it is in the delivery process at any time.  During sale periods this may stretch to 3 working days. Between Christmas and the 2nd week in Jan your order will be dispatched within 3 business days as our dispatch elves take a well needed break.

    In Australia we use Australia Post - Regular Parcel Post delivers in 3-5 days to Metro and 10 days to Country within your state, and 10+ days interstate. For Express Post - delivery is faster, but Australia Post cannot guarantee delivery timeframes like it used to pre COVID-19.  We are noticing delays of many days, and appreciate your patience as Australia Post works with it's increased volume and challenges. 

    International deliveries may also experience delays in delivery.

    Dreamtime Blooms Candle Holder Value Bundle
    Dreamtime Blooms Candle Holder Value Bundle
    Dreamtime Blooms Candle Holder Value Bundle
    Dreamtime Blooms Candle Holder Value Bundle