Quality Australian themed gift ideas

Australian Gift Ideas That Are Timeless

As avid travellers ourselves, we understand that finding high quality affordable Australian gift ideas is one of the biggest challenges when trying to find the perfect gift to represent your time in Australia. We don't believe it should be difficult to find a meaningful gift to send from Australia to loved ones overseas. No-one wants to send a tacky souvenir that the recipient will re-gift or store for years until the feelings guilt subside enough to throw it away. But, the term ‘souvenir’ still has a negative feel to it - something tacky and cheap. We're proud to say that we've changed that forever here at Koh Living.

Koh Living designs meaningful gifts, and our meaningful gifts are portrayals of beautiful art from Australia, steeped in rich, timeless culture. You don’t have to be a tourist, or an Australian travelling overseas to purchase these beautifully created Australian gifts. But, you must be someone who loves Australia, Australian art or Australian animals – and that encompasses nearly everyone!

Australia has so much to offer – and Koh Living is proud to be able to work with contemporary Aboriginal artists to create a range of stunning art-inspired lifestyle, pamper and home decor gifts that deeply represent all that is to be celebrated about Australia.

There is nothing more gratifying than than the expression of love and appreciation from the recipient of a gift that you have carefully chosen. The love and care you put into your choice of gift is always worth it when the gift is adored by the recipient. To bring your recipient joy and have them share in your love of Australia, could there be anything more beautiful than that? Whether you're looking for gifts to send overseas for Christmas or just as a momento to let loved ones know you're thinking of them, we've got so many options perfect for gifting.

Timeless Australian Gift Ideas

Aboriginal Art Insulted Drink Bottles

One of the Australian gifts that everyone is sure to use is one of our amazing water bottles. Not only are they beautiful, they are super practical. If you are using them in hot weather, they stay cool for 24hr and in cold weather your drinks will remain hot for up to 12hrs. They are made from double walled stainless steel and are BPA free and non-toxic.

Insulated drink bottles featuring Aboriginal Art


It is a bonus when people discover that the artwork is original. All the designs come from the work of Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal Artists. As part of the Indigenous art Code we give back to our artists for their artwork with a percentage of each piece sold. Our goal is to create stunning gifts, support culture and community.

Aboriginal Art Journals

Koh Living journals are a magical creation. Choose one of our beautifully designed journals featuring deep cultural exploration with a blend of contemporary beauty. Keep it on your desk at work or at home. Each design is a beautiful reproduction of our artist's vibrant colourful art using a raised printing technique. As you turn the pages, take a journey into the artist’s world – peruse through her personal insights, quotes and drawings.

These unique journals are a true work of art. Pen your thoughts, plans and dreams in a Koh Living journal. They are the perfect choice for a beautiful, unique and practical Australian gift. 

Aboriginal Art Journals from Koh Living


Australian Coasters & Tableware

Coasters are one of our most popular products at Koh Living. Our Australian art coasters are such a fabulous way to introduce culture and Aboriginal art into any room, add a pop of colour, or explore the beauty of Australian flora and fauna. There is something for everyone. No matter what their tastes, values, or home décor are, if you're choosing our ceramic coasters as a gift, you will satisfy any recipient no matter their favourite colours or styles. The beautiful ceramic and cork workmanship ensures there is no damage to furniture, and offers such a beautiful souvenir of Australia.

Aboriginal Art Coasters uniquely Australian gifts from Koh Living

Ceramic Mugs and Travel Mugs

Beautiful mugs are always an easy choice of gift as they are so popular. Mugs are probably one of the most practical Australian gifts you can get, and if you are after something special, you cannot go past our ‘story-telling’ mugs.

Aboriginal artwork is beautiful not only for its use of shape and colour, but what’s even more beautiful are the sacred ageless stories represented in the artwork. Koh Living´s packaging has a story for each mug. But, we went one step further and added the story to the mug itself, as most people ultimately discard the packaging. 

Aboriginal Art Mug With Story

If you're looking for a fabulous gift for someone who's always on the go, then our travel mugs are the perfect option and also come in a range of designs, offering joy through art, while keeping drinks hot or cold for hours.

Australian art travel mug

Australian Themed Kitchen Gift Ideas

Something special for the avid cook in your life? Tea-towels are one of the most  practical Australian gifts - you can’t go wrong with a tea towel, especially when they're as beautiful as ours here at Koh Living. Not only are they an extremely practical gift, they are lightweight and easy to transport – whether sending by post or taking on a trip with you, they are easy to work with.

Koh Living has a wonderful collection of tea towels with Aboriginal designs. All of our tea towels are 100% cotton.

 Aboriginal Bush Medicine Cotton Tea Towel - Koh Living

Australian Gifts That Give Back

Remember that when you choose to purchase a gift from our unique range, you're also supporting important initiatives. A portion from each sale goes back to the artists and their communities. Koh Living is also a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code. As a member of this professional body, our customers can rest assured that we are doing the right thing by each artist and their community, because together we know we can celebrate the true beauty of Indigenous culture and create change for the better.

There is nothing more heart warming that seeing our gifts being used. We feel a sense of pride and success. It makes us feel happy to have brightened a loved one’s day. The sense of connection and belonging that comes with the act of giving is in measurable. We cannot imagine having a more important goal than helping people connect through meaningful giving. Koh X