Great gifts to send this Christmas

Great gifts to send this Christmas

Celebrating Christmas is more important than ever this year

I think we can all agree, Christmas always seems to creep up on us and it’s December before we even know it! But this year especially, with all the lockdowns and restrictions, the end of the year couldn’t come quicker! I certainly have had my focus on ‘one day at a time’ and have not been thinking about Christmas at all! But it occurred to me…we should all be looking forward to it more than ever this year…even the grinches of the world…and why is that? Because we absolutely deserve and need some Christmas cheer after 2021.

Never in my life have I been more excited to give my loved one’s thoughtful gifts that make them smile. I cannot wait to hunt for a big delicious smelling tree to decorate. I cannot wait to eat great food and hopefully smile and laugh with at least some of the family. We deserve this break; we deserve to be merry and just have fun. If the drudgery of the day-to-day lockdown life is getting you down at the moment, let Christmas be your light at the end of the tunnel. Get started on your Chrissy shopping! Start planning and thinking about each of your loved ones and what would make a really special gift for them. There is no better time to start!


Support Aussie, support small business this Christmas

If you are able to go into your ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores for your Chrissy shopping, fabulous! But if not and like most of us, you are going to be doing ‘click & collect’ or ordering online this year…be sure to still support local Aussie business as much as possible.

You may be a business owner yourself or you know someone who is and without a doubt you would know how tough this has been for retailers and all small business owners for that matter. So, before you send your money overseas to or to that stupidly rich guy who owns Amazon and built a rocket, think of sending your money to somewhere it is needed. When you buy local, that money goes to a Mum paying school fees. That money goes to putting food on the table. Make sure you do your research and support Aussie businesses this Christmas. The gift will be as much for the owners of those businesses as it is for the recipients.


No time like the present to buy…. well, presents!

As we have seen recently, Australia Post is working at full capacity to keep up with parcel delivery etc. So, make sure you get started now, get organized, get those presents ordered and on their way with plenty of time to spare. I never thought in my entire life that I would be that ‘life together,’ person who has their Christmas shopping done and dusted by October…but I AM!

Let me tell you folks, it is a feeling like no other…no stress, no worry, no late parcels, no disappointment. It’s a whole new world out there. So, I implore you, start now! Or at least make a list of loved ones you are giving gifts this Christmas and start brain storming.

There is an art to nailing the online purchase though…particularly if you usually prefer to shop in store. I understand, touching and feeling the gift in your hands gives you a much better understanding of what you’re buying. But there are some fail-safe gift ideas that are perfect for online purchase and delivery.


How to find high quality gifts online

Firstly, the quality of a gift is one of the most important things. We want our hard-earned money to be spent on something that our loved ones will not only love but will have for years to come!

Now find gifts of this quality online can be easier said than done. As I said earlier it is much simpler when we can physically hold the gift in our hands. But one hot tip to avoid purchasing a flimsy, cheaply made gift…is to avoid huge retail giants. This tip goes hand in hand with my earlier point about supporting local Aussie businesses. Rather than a mass-produced ‘same-same’ gift which a billion other people probably have…local Aussie businesses are run by real people who put their heart and soul into their businesses and into producing top quality wares. You can literally see how much love they put into their creations.

These small businesses will typically have well-made products that are unique and have character…a story to tell. Whereas in the past, a lot of these small businesses were not online, and you could only purchase their wares by trekking into their store…now most of them have fantastic online store offerings…in order to stay in business when lockdowns shut them down. So, no excuses! Everything you need to support local small business and give your loved one’s INCREDIBLE gifts, is right at your fingertips (which should be searching away on your keyboard by now.)

Also, this may seem obvious…but please please read the product description! Particularly take note of the dimensions and materials. I once ordered a dress which I thought was really cool and a great price…which when it arrived, I realized was made for a doll…yep, it happens to the best of us.


What to look for when gifting via the post 

  1. Some gifts are simply born to be posted to a loved one! Here are a few suggestions. Flat is good! Postal fees can be expensive for bug bulky items, so flat is your friend! Why not gift your loved one a beautiful journal that they can write all their hopes, dreams and aspirations into for the new year? Koh Living have some FAB journals, all designed by local Australian artists. There is one for every taste.
  2. Something virtually indestructible. If you really want extra peace of mind that your gift won’t break before it’s even arrived…gift a loved one something sturdy! Stainless steel travel mugs with the most stunning floral designs by Melbourne artist Anna Blatman fit that description perfectly! They are unbreakable, double lined keeping drinks cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs, plus they are so pretty! There is also a range of stainless-steel drink bottles from Anna Blatman available too…take your pick! 
  3. Who you order from makes a difference! Yep…again, if you order from a company that cares about their products and their customers, you will get 10/10 service and products every time. Koh living hand pack every parcel with the utmost care, using environmentally friendly padding to ensure your gifts stay safe. They will also throw in some extra Christmas cheer with free premium gift-wrapping on all orders… now that’s pretty merry!


Go forth and gift!


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Have a Merry Christmas, you deserve it!

Koh x