The separation and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on us all, but especially for the older generation. Thanks to technology, many people have been able to find a ‘workaround’. There have been weekly family catch-ups online via Zoom and even virtual birthday parties, allowing families to interact face to face. But what if a smartphone was not an option and a laptop not a household item?

It’s hard to imagine our lives without technology.

Most of us could not live without it and cannot imagine how on earth we would get by. But that has been the reality for so many of the older generation during COVID. When we were sending texts, setting up What’s App groups and virtual meetings, grandparents were struggling to come to terms with not being able to physically ‘see’ anyone at all.

For many grandparents, COVID-19 has meant separation, loneliness and fear.

Regular visits from family became phone calls. Personal updates on grandchildren, detailed news about school and sport, the hugs and affection they crave - all the things that would normally happen in a face to face catch ups, had to stop. There has also been a major emotional impact for children unable to see grandparents. The beautiful connection and wisdom of the older generation that young children look forward to - it’s quite irreplaceable.
Lack of socialization caused anxiety and sadness. As their family grow up, get busy and often move away, older people rely more heavily on their friends – and once again, this was taken away. The regular coffee catch ups, games of bowls or cards ended. For those who were able to walk easily or exercise with a friend, this was usually a much anticipated way to see someone outside of the household. But for some time, even ‘exercising with one friend’ was not possible.

Let’s make Christmas extra special this year

For much of the country, and especially here in Victoria, COVID restrictions have begun to ease and long-overdue family catch ups have resumed. We can only imagine the delight at being able to see grandparents after so many months. There will be the shock and delight at how much children have grown, both in height and resilience during lockdown, and for some grandparents, meeting little family members for the first time.
 Now as we approach Christmas with caution, it’s time to think about the many ways you can spoil grandparents with colorful, art-inspired gifts from Koh. With the uncertainty still surrounding the possibility of spending Christmas together - especially for those with loved ones interstate - now is the time to act, so Koh and Australia Post can work together to deliver your gifts with plenty of time to spare.
 We all know how grandparents appreciate that extra thoughtfulness – receiving a gift that is perfect for them. At Koh Living, we have a range of art-inspired, practical and beautiful giftware that will spoil grandparents the way they deserve to be. Floral designs and gifts for the home that Grandma will love – and great options for Grandpa too!

Flowers for Grandma that last forever

Flowers are much loved by the older generation, many of whom have a ‘green thumb’ and love to spend time outdoors working on and admiring their garden. Anna Blatman’s new floral designs are absolutely gorgeous, and Koh Living has splashed the joyful blooms across so many great gift ideas!
 If you’re quick, you could pick up a set of six delightful Christmas baubles for Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas Tree. Available in all six of Anna’s new floral designs, these sets are flying out the door, so hurry! Floral Bauble Six Pack, $39.95

Color is a timeless trend

Most grandparents wear a pair of spectacles, and with a new Anna Blatman glasses case, Grandma will never lose her glasses again! Choose from Darcy or Anna designs $19.95 – and while you are shopping make sure you get a matching lens cleaner, $7.95.
Grandmas are fabulous at writing letters – it’s the way they love to keep in touch. So why not spoil her with some beautiful new writing paper and matching pencils in an old-fashioned wooden box? Each of these are $14.95 - or choose a writing set with matching envelopes, $19.95.

Koh Living glasses case and pencil box

Gifts for the Grandma who loves flowers

Does Grandma love to decorate her home with fresh cut flowers? Now she can have something special on a favourite table every day, with a Tealight Holder. We recommend you add one of our popular battery operated tealights with your gift. Grandma will have 80-100 hours of battery life and you will have peace of mind. Daisy Tealight Holder $29.95, Battery Tealights 6pack $24.95.
Daisy Tealight Candle Holder


Why not something to brighten the kitchen?

Bring a bright and beautiful reminder of you to Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen with an Anna Blatman Cotton Tea Towel in high quality cotton that lasts. Choose from our new floral range, or a favourite Aussie animal. Our Tea Towels are $24.95.
Serving afternoon tea on a tray is a lovely tradition, and our beautiful bamboo trays are perfect. Bright, colorful, light and easy to clean, this is a truly practical and wonderful gift for Grandma, with many designs to choose from. Just $14.95.

The perfect gift for Grandmas on the go

Our brand new Stainless Steel Travel Mug is perfect for taking in the car or on a picnic, and keeps drinks hot for 12 hrs and cold for 24 hrs. Darcy Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $39.95
Make sure you remind Grandma to stay hydrated over summer with our hugely popular Stainless Steel Drink Bottles. Exceptional quality, these drink bottles are double walled and insulated with a leak proof lid, unlined, nontoxic and BPA-free. Keep drinks cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs. Choose from Anna Blatman’s Floral Design, Aussie Animal or Indigenous Australian designs, $39.95.

Looking for a gift for Grandpa too?

A good cup of tea or coffee? There’s nothing like it - and Grandpa will enjoy it even more from a quality fine bone china mug. Each of our Aboriginal designs tell a fascinating story, and we all know Grandpas are great storytellers! For something colorful, why not choose the Aboriginal Bearded Dragon Mug, or Bush Tucker Mug, $17.95.
A set of matching coasters with memorable Aussie animals is a perfect gift for grandparents, to keep furniture clean and brighten up the home. Each of our ceramic coasters are $4.95, but you can choose as many as you like to make up a whole set.

Aboriginal ceramic coasters

Gifts for Grandpas who love to cook

For Grandpas who love to cook, why not choose some of our light, handy and durable bamboo plates – they are perfect for BBQs. Our 20cm plates are $12.95 each, so why not get a whole set for when the family come to visit.

Gifts for grandpas who love literature

Literary Grandpas will love a special journal to write down their thoughts. Whether it’s a favourite Aussie animal on the cover or a stunning Indigenous art design from Kathleen Buzzacott, these journals are a very personal gift. We have a design to suit everyone, at just $19.95.
 Aboriginal Journals

Get started on your Christmas shopping early 

Get started on your shopping early this year – we still don’t know what Christmas will bring, and you may need to rely on Koh Living to deliver your presents for you. We ship your gifts Australia-wide as well as overseas. All orders receive complimentary premium gift wrapping too!
Let’s make sure our grandparents feel extra special this Christmas, more than ever before, with art-inspired, personal gifts from Koh Living.
Koh x