Christmas Candle holders for beautiful Xmas home decor

Your Christmas Living Room

Christmas can be a time when ‘anything goes’ (well almost anything). From inflatable Santas, to singing reindeer, and brighter than bright lights, there’s no shortage of Christmas merchandise to get you in the spirit. But for those looking for timeless designs for Christmas decorating, the team at Koh Living have you covered.

For most of us, the living room takes over as Christmas HQ. It becomes home to our Christmas tree and an assortment of Christmas treasures displayed each year during the festive season. But ‘Christmafying’ your living room doesn’t have to overwhelm your well curated living room decor. 

Regardless of existing living room decor and room size, there are a few guidelines we can follow to create a Christmas living room that’s both merry and refined. We’re sure you'll create a festive space worth celebrating in with our top tips for decorating your Christmas living room this year.

Styling Your Christmas Living Room Space

Whether you have a big living room or a small living room, thinking about the space, how it works and flows, is important when decorating for Christmas. Perhaps the most important question revolves around the Christmas tree and where it will stand. Choose a position that allows for unobstructed views and avoid a thoroughfare where the tree could easily be knocked. An ideal spot will allow your Christmas tree to be illuminated by natural light during the day, and become a dark corner by night enabling Christmas lights to really pop. 

In addition to thinking about how light will affect your Christmas tree, your usual room lighting scheme may need some adjustment to accommodate evenings by a glowing tree. Candles are an excellent way to introduce a beautiful Christmas aesthetic to your living room space. Their warm and ambient glow is easy to arrange and cost effective. 

It may be helpful to envisage your movements in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas, as well as Christmas day itself. Are you relaxing with a glass of Baileys and enjoying the serenity? Are the children gathered around an advent calendar? Or perhaps you are watching Carols by Candlelight in your own candle lit room. Thinking about your traditions can help you create a suitable Christmas living room space.   

Christmas Candle Display

How to Decorate a Small Living Room for Christmas

Decorating your living room doesn’t mean you should only add to your living room space. Chances are your living room decor already fits the space and works to create balance and harmony. This is especially true if you’re in a small space. Simply adding more ‘things’ can easily make the room look cluttered and take away from the beauty of your Christmas decorations.

Don’t be afraid to replace your usual living room decor with festive items over the Christmas season. For example, where you already have a candle, ornament or diffuser, replace it with a Christmas votive, or carousel. Box up your usual items in your Christmas storage boxes to make for an easy swap when the new year rolls in. 

Avoid a Christmas explosion by choosing Christmas decor that is appropriately proportioned to your living room. Opt for a smaller tree and add a Christmas splash with small ornamental items. 

Wooden Xmas Ornaments Australian Design

Shades of Your Christmas Living Room

These days, Christmas colours are not limited to traditional candy cane colours - thank goodness! Such colours rarely suit modern Australian homes. Koh Living’s Christmas collection includes a range of baubles, and stylish Christmas homewares that are perfect for Australian living rooms. Modern designs, both colourful and neutral are uniquely Australian with colours and hues that reflect the beauty of where we live.


Christmas Candle Holder with Spinning Carousel Top


Decorating your living room for Christmas doesn’t mean abandoning the colour scheme of your existing living room decor either. With a range of Christmas decorations on offer you can complement already colourful living rooms or introduce a pop of festive colour to neutral spaces. Try adorning your tree with colourful Christmas baubles from local Australian artists or keep things fresh with a white porcelain Christmas inspired lantern.

Your Christmas Living Room Scent

Christmas is as much a feast for the nose as it is for the eyes. Add to the scent of a Christmas tree in the living room with scented candles that will invigorate your senses, uplift and inspire. 

Koh Living’s Christmas scented tealight range includes the unmistakable fragrances of ‘mistletoe and ivy’, ‘Eggnog’, and delicious ‘plum pudding’, ‘Christmas day’ and ‘Gingerbread’. These tealights come in varying sizes, making it easy to light up a room and set the mood.    

Selecting Living Room Decor

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no shortage of Christmas decor on the market. When it comes to sourcing new Christmas decorations for your living room it’s important to be considered. 
Unfortunately most Christmas decor isn’t built to last and broken Christmas decorations will ultimately end up in landfill. Choose quality goods that will stand the test of time. 
Avoid trends when selecting Christmas items and opt instead for timeless pieces that draw you in no matter the decade. Decorations that tell a story are anchored in meaning and speak to who we are and where we live.
Australian Christmas Baubles

Sending A Christmas Gift

While not strictly an ‘S’ to follow, what better way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ than by helping friends and family create their own inspired Christmas living room space. The Koh Living Christmas collection is ideal for the postbox so you can save friends and family both near and far from the horrors of a Christmas explosion. Discover our range of Australian Christmas gifts to make giving gifts this Christmas is S-so easy. 

Koh xx